The whole village congratulated on the birth of three boys. 34 years later, the old mother regretted the reason why people couldn’t laugh.

In early Chinese society, there is always the idea that it is better to have a male child to complete the task of “heirloom”, and it is undoubtedly a happy event if all three children are male. The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem.

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company. (Schematic diagram, non-party / reprinted from Pixabay gallery)

Recently, “NetEase” introduced this case, in the traditional rural area where sons are given preference over daughters, to be able to give birth to three sons, that is really immense glory, and get a lot of congratulations from the villagers, plus the children are very lean and healthy, so that Auntie Liu is full of superiority. However, with the increase in the age of the children, Auntie Liu’s worries are also increasing, especially when you see friends of the same age are “holding grandchildren”, their three sons, not to mention children, even wives can not be discussed.

Auntie Liu said, the oldest 34 years old, the youngest brother is also 29 years old, but they are not a bit of movement on the matter of marriage. Of course, on the one hand, the children did not meet the right object, the second China attaches great importance to the wedding gift and have a house, a car and other conditions, but the rural-born family is unable to provide adequate economic conditions.

Auntie Liu lamented, when the birth of three sons is very beautiful, now there is any sense of superiority, but still playing bachelor? There is really only heartache. This story has sparked discussion and re-posting in many forums in China. Some netizens believe that this is kidnapped by traditional concepts, while others lament that it is now increasingly difficult to get married and start a family.