Climate Czar

The global climate, which was initially described as warming, was later found to have insufficient data and was changed to “climate change” due to carbon emissions. Later, the so-called green energy economy, the Biden left gum administration is fully committed to the establishment of the “U.S. green hegemony”, the limit by 2030, the global carbon emissions reduction of 50%.

The third world countries are crying out on the spot: the rich western countries are reducing their carbon targets without taking into account the situation of the poor third world countries. It is unfair to poor countries to set a consistent standard.

At this juncture of “carbon reduction discrimination”, the left wing, which has always advocated equality in the West, encountered a logical blind spot. It is true that the industrial revolution started early in the rich countries of Europe and the United States, while the Third World, including China, is still using oil lamps in Beijing’s hutongs, just as the coal-burning trains of the United Kingdom and the United States are already crossing the continents of Europe and the United States, desperately emitting exhaust gases, and the Boxer Rebellion of the Qing dynasty is still using the gods to fight against foreign guns. It is a kind of green bullying to ask the Third World and Western white imperialism to comply with the same carbon reduction target together.

However, from the imperialist perspective, it is also possible to refute the treachery and denial of the Third World. It has been seventy years since the end of the Second World War and the independence of the Third World nations. Seventy years of being in charge has been enough time to get you out of poverty. If the Third World countries are still crying poverty today, it proves that the Third World is not qualified to break away from colonial imperialism. Because if Africa is still ruled by Britain and France today, the carbon reduction in Africa will be under the name of Britain and France, which is the responsibility of the West. By then, the group of rich countries will have their own internal administrative and legislative supervision, which will be less verbose and more efficient than now.

Especially Deng Xiaoping when the British imperialist Mrs. Detroit threw waves of bravado: “What the British can do, the Chinese can do, and do better than the British.” So if the British can reach the carbon reduction target in 2030, and if China can do the same, or even reduce more per capita than the UK, it will prove that Deng Xiaoping is not a liar.

A concerted global effort to reduce carbon emissions? Just like the left gum encountered time and time again terrorist attacks, time and time again candle lighting, offering flowers, holding hands and chanting great love and tolerance. Candle light will not burn Bin Laden to death, and big love songs will not sing the Taliban to death. The Islamic State keeps dropping bombs in Europe.

Trump came to power, a bombing of terrorist bases, the Islamic State will not have terrorist attacks.

And so on, the third world as usual carbon emissions, you blow? Everything is promised, the climate conference in Paris, Switzerland, New York, the third world bureaucrats are happy to continue to fly business or first-class airline to attend, five-star hotels and Michelin meals, accompanied by the former U.S. Secretary of State and “climate czar” Kerry (John Kerry) blow water, blow after wiping mouth pat ass away.

By 2030, carbon emissions will be doubled, so what if we don’t comply with the agreement? The climate czar is not going to send troops to countries to pursue compensation? The real Tsar Nicholas II really set off a Russo-Japanese war against Japan, personally led the troops to participate in the First World War. That Klee, whose broomstick eyebrows are pressing his eyes open, thinks he is really a czar?