Beijing Hubei now Anhui case dense receiver Anhui Liaoning 12 places rise in the risk

Officials on the mainland announced on Saturday (May 15) that a total of 29 close contacts of the confirmed Anhui patient were found in Beijing and Enshi Prefecture in Hubei. Meanwhile, 12 places in Anhui and Liaoning, where the outbreak was reported, have been upgraded to medium-risk areas.

On May 13, Liu’an City, Anhui Province, reported one new confirmed case of the local CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia); on May 14, two new local cases were reported; and as of 00:40 on May 14, two confirmed cases were reported in Feixi County, Hefei City.

On the 15th, the Beijing CDC informed that there were 28 close contacts associated with Anhui cases Lv, Zhang and Li, involving 11 districts in the city, specifically 7 in Fengtai District, 5 in Xicheng District, 4 in Haidian District, 2 in Shunyi District, 2 in Fangshan District, 2 in Chaoyang District, 2 in Dongcheng District, 1 in Tongzhou District, 1 in Changping District, 1 in Daxing District, 1 in Miyun District; close contacts of close contacts The number of close contacts of close contacts (referred to as “sub-close contacts”) was 167.

Among them, the close contact in Changping District was a driver of an online taxi, and the nucleic acid test result was said to be negative. All of these people have been placed under control measures and testing is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command in Enshi, Hubei Province, issued a circular on the 15th, stating that a close contact of a confirmed case in Anhui was found locally. The close receiver had taken the same carriage and the same section of the train as the confirmed case.

In addition, according to the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission, between 00:00 and 19:00 on May 14, two new local confirmed cases and three local asymptomatic infections were reported in Yingkou, Liaoning Province. five were employees of a photography base, all of whom were close contacts of the confirmed cases of Li and Lv in Hefei.

The actual figures are higher than the reported infections due to the Chinese Communist Party’s concealment of the outbreak.

Anhui and Liaoning have activated their emergency plans, adjusting 12 areas to medium-risk areas. The three medium-risk areas in Anhui are: Zhedong Trade City in Jin’an District of Lu’an City, Baichuan Mingting District in Yu’an District, and Jin Yun International Commercial and Residential Building in Satellite Community in Shangpai Town, Feixi County of Hefei City, all of which are under closed management.

Liaoning Yingkou 9 medium-risk areas are: Gaizhou City, Chen Tun Town, Yangdian Village, Mackerel District, Xiongyue Town, Yicheng community, peace community, station community, Beiguan community, happy community, victory village, Lihua Village, Liming Village for medium-risk areas.