Gao Yuanyuan drink milk tea, closed eyes to enjoy the expression intoxicated!

May 14, Gao Yuanyuan studio in the social media platform published in the set break drinking milk tea video, she held the milk tea with both hands, very expectantly picked up, and then slowly put the straw close to the mouth to taste up.

She closed her eyes and took a deep sip of the milk tea, her face gradually showed an intoxicated expression of enjoyment, it was clear that she was very fond of this cup of milk tea and described her feelings as “flowers, white doves and bubbles rising” after drinking the milk tea.

When shooting the video, Gao Yuanyuan just wears a simple white T-shirt and white pants, short hair style with light brown hair color, even if she dislikes the face shot, she also steadily resisted the camera, the skin is delicate and fair, completely can not see is already in her early forties woman.

The netizens also praised her face, some of them shouted after the goddess, others asked “I am old, how this woman still looks so good”, some of them praised her features “her eyes are so bright and shiny”, “this The nose is really too perfect”, there are netizens feel Gao Yuan Yuan “and thin back”.

As we all know, milk tea is a very sugary drink, and as an actress who needs strict body management, drinking milk tea is a big threat to her body. In fact, Gao Yuanyuan is also very concerned about weight, in the video there is a Gao Yuanyuan eating snow cakes footage, she ate while also worried about calories, although only ate two, but and staff conversations have been hinting at calories over the limit.