Children of the Ministry of Public Security to the United States refused a visa Hua Chunying high-profile netizens sneer

The U.S. denial of a visa for a child of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to study in the U.S. has provoked an overwhelming response from netizens, especially after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’s statement.

The reason for the denial was that the student’s father works for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also made an official response on May 13, saying, “This example can prove that the U.S. artificially undermines personnel exchanges between the two countries for political reasons, which is not conducive to the normal development of China-U.S. relations.”

A notice from a U.S. consular official posted online shows that the U.S. is suspending the issuance of B1, B2, B1/B2, F1, F2, J1 and J2 visas to the following Chinese Communist Party personnel: officers of the Immigration Bureau, including the Deputy Director of the Immigration Bureau, or equivalent, spouses and children under the age of 21; and current personnel of the State Supervisory Commission, the Ministry of State Security, and the Ministry of Public Security, spouses and children under the age of 30.

In short: visas will not be issued if the parents belong to: the National Immigration Bureau including the Deputy Director of the Immigration Bureau or officials of equivalent rank and above; the National Supervisory Commission; the Ministry of State Security; and current members of the Public Security System.

The U.S. side explained the reason for the suspension: China’s refusal or unwarranted delay in accepting Chinese who have received a final deportation order from the United States. According to the U.S. ‘Strategic Action Plan to Address the China Threat,’ China has refused to accept 40,000 Chinese citizens who have overstayed or violated their visas and deserve to be deported. The U.S. stated that “regular visa issuance will resume when the People’s Republic of China has accepted its nationals in accordance with a U.S. request.”

Phoenix 13 reposted an article from Beijing Youth Daily titled ‘U.S. to stop issuing visas for children of active duty personnel from China’s immigration and public security ministries? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded”, under the article, there are tens of thousands of comments, netizens mostly reacted very coldly and seemed to be happy. Many of the reactions were, why go to the U.S. if the relationship between China and the U.S. is so antagonistic? Party members and cadres should be more patriotic, as Hu Xijin has said before, so why run to the US?

From the reactions, most don’t seem to blame the U.S., because Sino-U.S. relations have been such a pattern for several years, getting worse and worse, what’s the use of blaming the U.S.? The spearhead seems to turn, the spokesman said “not conducive to the normal development of Sino-US relations” to express confusion.

We are no longer in contact with each other, who destroyed the exchange of people between the two countries?

Still go to the United States? The United States is already the enemy. Not to go, normal, went, abnormal.

Today is still the same as in the past? Chairman Mao did not go abroad to study, but also liberated China? The first thing you should do is to tell others to boycott and embrace, what kind of operation is this?

Secondly, it seems difficult to understand that leading cadres, party members, political and legal cadres, their children and their families have to go to the United States, they should not be on the front line against the United States?

I think the U.S. is doing the right thing, the party, government and military staff children and spouses should not go to the United States. What if they are turned against them or taken hostage?

Can they be absolutely loyal to the Party when they go to the United States?

Party members and leading cadres should take an exemplary lead and resolutely not go there to the United States.

As family members of government agencies, they should consciously have a political awareness beyond the average person and resolutely fight against the U.S. Empire, why spend money to study in the U.S. Empire? Why do you want to complain about the U.S. Empire’s failure to grant visas?

After the U.S. Immigration Bureau issued a special order in October last year to restrict the immigration of Communist Party members to the United States, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, was very positive: “This move has shattered the illusion of party members going to the United States, which is not a bad thing!”

However, some netizens believe that it is still important to study in the United States, not only because Chinese people have an American dream, but also to go to the United States to learn about science and technology.

If Qian Xuesen Deng Jiaxian they did not go to the United States, the two bombs and one star how to get?

The world’s top ten schools, there is no Chinese schools. In other words, it is necessary to go out and learn many excellent things from others, do not be arrogant, learn to return and contribute to the country is no bad thing.

How much of the modern world civilization was invented by our dynasty? The cell phones, computers, airplanes, trains, ships, refrigerators, air conditioners, flush toilets and so on, go and find out for yourself.

Among those whom the U.S. repatriated to China and did not accept, it may include those who are still difficult to go back for a long stay because of the epidemic. Some netizens have taken the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the restrictions on the return of nationals to China for various reasons since the outbreak of the epidemic.

It has been more than a year since the refusal and blocking of the return of nationals living in countries around the world, and some domestic family members who are seriously ill or even died have not been able to return to their home countries, which is the sadness of the nationals living abroad.

From the U.S. side’s explanation, this seems to be a temporary measure.

However, Hua Chunying spokeswoman went one step further, since the U.S. side did this, is not to come to a tooth for a tooth. She said, “Shouldn’t the Chinese side refuse to issue visas to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement personnel and their families to come to China?” She asked the U.S. to be able to recognize the mistake.

Hua Chunying criticized the U.S. visa policy, and a comment on Twitter said: The Chinese Communist Party teaches its people every day that the U.S. is a fake democracy and a fake freedom, why do senior officials still race to send their children to the U.S.? People are not welcome in the United States and still cursing the street?