My cat began to work, earn more than I

Life is not easy.

Even pets have to earn money to support their families

In this face-saving era, cats, dogs and alpacas can also earn cat food, dog food and carrots for themselves by virtue of their face value.

Pets with strong business skills earn more than their owners, so people have to half-jokingly lament that people are not as good as cats, or people are not as good as dogs.

The visitor interviewed three pet owners and talked about their stories of taking their pets to work to earn money.

In the world of pets, is there also a human jungle to fight the face, talent, traffic, and even chicken children phenomenon? What choice will their agents make for their pet “stars”?


Mao Mao 2 years old English short silver gradient cat

Profession: Car model, agent: Mao Mao’s father

I am an automotive marketing director. In October last year, after listening to a lecture on new media from the Automobile Association, I suddenly had an idea – I love cats and I am in the car business, can I try to let my cat be a car model?

In November 2020, the 1-year-old Mao Mao started business for the first time. I had only one worry at that time – would it suddenly run away from the car? We sent a few people to keep an eye on it, but luckily the accident didn’t happen.

The car model cat is more interactive than the beautiful car model – you can’t touch the beautiful car model, right? And the car models are all contracted by beautiful women, probably more men watching, this is too unfair, why can not let women also like car models?

Let the cat as a car model, but also to avoid the beauty as a car model when the camera in a lot of strange old man.

In order to let Mao Mao as a car model, I prepared a custom makeup bag for it, which has cotton swabs for wiping eyes, disposable cleaning gloves, necklaces, earrings that clip on the hair …… Sometimes, its blush is painted by me. Mao Mao has forty to fifty sets of clothes, including hanbok and cheongsam.

Many people mistake Mao Mao for a little girl, but in fact Mao Mao is a little gentleman. At first, I would dress it up in a cool look, but it attracts more women online, and when Mao Mao dresses up on the cute side, more people like it.

And Mao Mao is also very good-looking, never aggressive, not scratching people, anyone touching will not lose their temper, and even by a small female cat bullying.

The cat is naturally timid, at the beginning when I took Mao Mao out to work, as long as I carry the cat bag, it will definitely go into the cat bag. The most powerful time, I took Mao Mao to an electric car activity, it ran into a car under the seam, and finally I personally crawled under the car to pull it out.

However, I found that the longer the cat was out each time, the better its adaptability and condition. For example, if I take Mao out at noon, after two or three hours, it will gradually become bolder, and after more than four or five hours, it will even come out of the litter by itself.

Therefore, be sure to give the cat the warm-up preparation to adapt to the environment, and do not immediately throw the cat in the car as soon as it arrives.

Fluffy also has strikes, like when I put it in front of me, it may be butt to you.

I can only think of it this way – all stars play big and are in the mood. At this point, I let Mao take a break and take cat strips for it to eat and calm it down.

The cat was supposed to sleep during the day, but because it came out to work, it couldn’t sleep at the point, and once I saw Mao Mao sleeping on its back while it was open for business, which was both heartbreaking and cute.

From last November to now, Mao Mao has cooperated with cars such as Red Flag, Audi, Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Marks & Spencer, Buick, Ideal Cars, etc. The income from each event is between 4,000 and 15,000, and it will take 3-4 events a month.

Cats do not mind the rich and the poor, Mao likes what kind of car I do not know, but its owner likes expensive cars.

People like to joke that people are worse than cats, I also think that people are worse than cats, I do not earn as much as Mao Mao.

Mao Mao eats the most expensive cat food, more than 300 yuan 1 kg; there are three children’s cars, a Mercedes, an SUV and a motorcycle; it has four or five beds, each room has its cat nest; cat scratching board has more than five; usually nothing, Mao Mao will also eat seafood, once it ate oysters, but also diarrhea.

In our family, economic status determines the status of the family. My mother used to be firmly against having a cat, but now my mother likes Mao Mao more than she likes me. For example, when I say I work hard, my mom says don’t make Mao Mao work hard. When I go downstairs to buy something, my mom asks Mao Mao what she wants to eat. For the Spring Festival, my mom also sends a red envelope to Mao Mao.

Many people only see that I let my pets earn money, but they don’t see how hard it is to be a pooper scooper. Hairy is the king of destruction in the house, getting plants everywhere and peeing during rut. Every time I take Mao out, I have to take four or five of its luggage, and the litter box alone is very heavy.

How to do the formalities for the cat to fly, how to let it live in a hotel, progress desk, there is no experience to refer to, I have to figure out.

Mao Mao take the plane, first of all, the plane must have oxygen cabin, to do special items for its check-in procedures, but also to ask the agency to do a special cat procedures, more expensive than people take the plane.

Cats are not allowed to take the high-speed rail, if I take it to an out-of-town car show, you can only drive yourself, or take the plane.

Many hotels also do not allow pets to stay, you have to choose a special reception for pets in the hotel, the general price will be 100 yuan more expensive than the same class of hotel.

However, there are exceptions to the rule that pets are not allowed in car shows or shopping malls, but once the staff saw Mao Mao, the heart melted, it will give it a variety of green light.

Although Mao Mao makes a rich life for herself by being a car model, however, I think the pooper scooper’s cat should be carefully imitated, because not every cat is suitable to go out to work.

If the cat is usually kept at home, not a cat cafe or a cat in a pet store, in the face of a sudden and very loud sound, the pooper scooper must pay attention to the cat will be frightened and instinctively run away when it hears this sound. Mao Mao can not stand the sound of hair dryers in electrical stores.

Now, Mao Mao is only a car model, but do not rule out other businesses feel that if you can, Mao Mao can also be a print model, or cross-border other industries.

Cat life and life is actually the same, you say the cat look at the face? Cats also look at the face. Do cats look at talent? Also depends on talent, there are also cats that do not rely on their face to eat.

I’m going to use the money Mao earns to raise more little furries. In the future, I will ideally probably have three cats.


Popsicle 2 years old Alpaca

Occupation: Commercial acting, agent: Papa Stick

I wanted to get an alpaca a few years ago when straw mud horses were all over the internet.

I learned online that alpacas can be especially clingy to an owner, and I wanted it even more. Last July, I got the beast Popsicle from the camel farm for more than 20,000.

Every day with the popsicle out, very windy, as if we gay men to drive a particularly good car, feel can drag, I hold it can feel drag, with a star out the same. Sometimes the popsicles pass by the bus station, many people did not get off the bus, in order to see the popsicles.

I take the popsicle to the park and neighborhood every day, and when there are puppies in the yard, it will come up and interact. Children are very fond of it, every time after shopping, there are always children to escort the popsicle to our unit downstairs. The circle of friends often have photos of others and popsicle.

The popsicle loves to play a little temper at home. It is a very silly straight man, a mood to immediately burst out, towards my daughter-in-law and I spit wildly, sometimes spitting air, if you eat for a long time, spit from the stomach out of the grass end, there is a stinky smell. It is a feeling of being humiliated by it spitting.

Once, my wife gave a bath to the popsicle, gave it a disposable mask, the popsicle wearing a mask also spit wildly my daughter-in-law. That video was filmed by me on fire, the local TV station came to interview the popsicle.

Now there will be some performances, activities to find the popsicle, we will take it out to earn some carrot money. Popsicle currently took three or four commercial performances, the work is to eat in the mall, cute.

Popsicle work a day to stand for 6-8 hours, income of about 1000 yuan.

Before going out, I will give it a day of grass, water, small snacks with carrots, peanuts, corn, small bananas, and sometimes I will give it a big gold chain or bow tie around its neck to decorate.

Many people want to touch the popsicle when they first see it, but they don’t dare to touch its face or head head, they like to secretly touch its butt, instead it gets angry and spits at each other.

I have taught the popsicle a New Year’s gesture. It will kneel on the ground, kowtow a few heads, do the action of asking for the New Year’s money. I learned this action training from a dog trainer friend, showing Popsicle what he really wants to eat, then guiding him and rewarding him in a hurry when he gets down.

Popsicle never hurts passersby, but it wants its owner around all the time. Once the Popsicle was performing at the mall and I went to the bathroom, it couldn’t find me, so it got very frantic and tried everything it could to make a desperate dash out through the fence. When I saw it, it shook its head and looked left and right, especially panicked.

Since then, when the popsicle commercial show, I have to find someone to specifically watch it. If it wants to jump out, the person watching will hold it or bolt on the rope and pull it before I dare to go to the toilet.

The alpaca’s feeling of not being able to leave you is very heartwarming. Sometimes, I walk across a bridge with it, I deliberately do not go, popsicle walk off the bridge to turn around and can not find me, it will be desperate to run back.

I recently prepared to buy a baby alpaca to accompany the popsicle. I’ve seen several female alpacas offline with him, but he can’t play with others, and many of the alpaca owners I know have male alpacas, so that doesn’t work either.

This month, I’m going to use the carrot money I earn from the popsicles to get together the bride price and give him a wife to take home.

It seems that I can’t live without alpacas for the rest of my life. I even thought that when my son and daughter get married and I become a grandfather, I will keep it all the time.


Throwing 4 years old string dog

Occupation: Shooting commercials, agent: Ying Ying

Thrower is a lost dog. Two years ago, my sister picked it up on the side of the road and put it in my living room, saying it could be a companion for me because I live alone and have a lot of space at home.

On first impression, he was beautiful, with a nice trimmed coat and smelled good, not like an abandoned dog. My sister and I sent out friends for several days in a row, posted ads on the property and in the neighborhood, but no one has been looking for him, and still no one is looking for him.

I am doing self-publishing, what there is to shoot. Maybe the sisters came to dinner, so shoot the sisters, the family puppy has any condition, so shoot the puppy. I send out more than 500 videos a year, Throwing also accounted for 20 to 30 of them.

The first time it was on fire was when I took a video of it hiding large steamed buns and ribs in the kennel, with the voice “see how my dog is a family man”, which instantly increased by five or six thousand fans.

Once I saw Throw sleeping in the kennel, I stood the phone there, live to it, and went to wash myself. As a result, people were chatting happily and were posting pop-ups saying, “Ah! It is going to close its eyes” “It is going to sleep”. The number of people online that night was always six or seven hundred. It was fun to talk to a drowsy dog.

Throwing only once in a month or two live once in a while, by now by live also earned more than 1000 yuan.

As Toss fire up, there are advertisers find Toss. This half month, throw a connection to three ads, two dog food, a tooth cleaning gel, each ad fee in 4000-6000 yuan.

But if not for the dog food festival, 618, double 11, throwing may also be a few months in a row to receive an ad. From April last year to now, Throw has earned a total of 25,000 yuan.

Whenever the father of the owner comes to me and asks if there is a slot for DouDou, my first reaction as DouDou’s agent is to be happy – there is money to be made again! Then the next reaction is to worry – how to get the script? How to shoot? After a moment of happiness, the rest of the days were very stressful, and when it was finally finished, I was happy again, and the process in between was extremely long.

The production cycle of a commercial video only gives you five or six days. Pre-communication takes one or two days, they finish the consultation, confirm the order, give two days to come up with a script, not satisfied with the script to be rewritten. After filming, when they see the dailies, they have to revise them again and again.

When I first started to shoot the commercial for Thrower, I thought the design of the action was very simple. Only when I was shooting did I regret that I had written such a script? Every action you write, you have to consider whether Toss can do it.

For example, if you want it to eat, you just have to grab a snatch with it. But to want to be like a movie star dog, you are hot, it gives you a fan, you want to buy something, it goes to the drawer to get the money, Toss this flow of small flower dog simply can not do.

Throwing like Yang beyond, singing bad, dancing bad, but there is an audience.

Other dogs are smart, just like a two or three year old, can understand the instructions, it can not, even told it to sit, it will not, it can only hear “go, go out and play”.

Even if you try everything, you do not know which day to capture the desired shot, so now write the script, I only write the behavior that Throw can manage. If it is not in good condition, I will tell it to rest for half an hour, and then take the ham hock to entice it.

Now many people rely on dogs and cats to earn money, I heard that there are schools, so that dogs to learn, I feel too cruel.

Dogs are accompanying people. One time I was gone for an hour or two and my grandmother said that Thrower just kept waiting for me at the door.

If Toss can become a dog that makes millions and millions of dollars in the future, it must be better, but Toss doesn’t have the strength. Just like if I have a child, TA is not the material for Tsinghua University I know, I can not force TA to Tsinghua University, happy is good.