Poor Terrace Part II

The Communist Party’s centennial celebration has come and gone, and the G7 countries have rarely said anything serious to the Communist Party, positioning it as a rude bully, and the global anti-communist atmosphere has risen even higher.

Today you have released poison on the earth, and still hide for birthday celebration, the behavior is really very excessive, in the face of the international anti-communist voice, the old Communist Party and thought of looking for Taiwanese fools to solve the problem.

The “local helpers” who assisted the old Communist Party and tried to annex Taiwan were also stupid enough to start writing essays to celebrate the party’s birthday, and the “1992 Consensus” that had been dragged to the incinerator was resurrected from the dead and rescued by Lao Ma, which was changed to “It is a pity that the young generation born after 93 years is still not clear about what happened to the 92 table.

The old Republic war two hands, never stop, while blocking Taiwan’s entry into the WHA General Assembly, but also reverse the black and white humiliation of Taiwan, in good conscience: Taiwan’s performance in the prevention of epidemics is not bad, there is not a trace of help from China, the Chinese Communist Party does not fall on Taiwan, it has been Amitabha Buddha.

In order to welcome Taiwanese businessmen, the old Communist Party put the frozen “Straits Forum” on the table again and stirred it up with a cold stove to create the illusion of China-Taiwan family, so as to deceive the international community and tell the world that there are many Taiwanese who love China, because there is still a small group of people in Taiwan who are happy to be “stabbed”. “These people are also the “unified interest group” and must have their official positions lined up, and this group of internal thieves are even members of the fifth column.

A few days ago, Fujian Province constantly asked Taiwan should quickly resume the small three links, more than 70% of the people of Jinma think: prevention of epidemics is more important than the economy, the result is that Taiwan suddenly the epidemic rose, the small three links or temporarily suspended, the old Communist Party is anxious to pass the “toilet”, the reason is to alleviate the international anti-China sentiment, the international anti-communist party has two factors, by the epidemic to collapse only One, the second is: China’s long-term bullying of small countries, people can not stand to see, so the old Communist Party to pull Taiwan, trying to welcome the illusion of good relations between China and Taiwan, just acting for foreigners to see.

Second, the Communist Party really needs Taiwan, because the anti-China atmosphere, foreign investment out of China, is now in progress, to fill the capital void, to stabilize employment, but also can only rely on Taiwan.

U.S. Businesses Are Leaving Hong Kong

On May 12, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said that since the implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, 45% of American businesses are now known to be evacuating from China, and most of them have set up their headquarters in Hong Kong.

German scholar Thorsten Benner, who is the director of the German think tank Institute for Global Policy and often travels to China or attends seminars, said in an article published in the Epoch Times on May 8, titled: “Why I don’t travel to China anymore,” that China is becoming increasingly hostile to foreigners and that using foreign passports does not guarantee security, and that Canadian academic diplomat Michael Kovrig, also a member of the think tank, was suddenly arrested in Beijing in 2019, and without reason, because the old Communist Party wanted to exchange him for Meng Wanzhou. At present, Benner launched a coalition of 1,300 scholars to demand that the old Communist Party release the meat-ticket hostages, which has not yet succeeded, and Benner also slammed Merkel for being too soft on the Chinese Communist Party, which is what caused the situation of Europe being oppressed by the old Communist Party. The German Mercator Institute (MERICS), a research center on China, has sanctioned two researchers, Adrian Zenz and Björn Jerdén, for writing a report on the persecution of the Uyghurs, but Merkel has been painfully silent.

Benner’s article is encouraging European funds to leave China, directly affecting the European-Chinese trade agreement, which has now been suspended from negotiations in the European Parliament.

The Chinese census, which just came out on the 13th, confirms that China’s demographic dividend, which drives economic growth, has disappeared, China’s economic downturn is the norm, stagnant inflation is on the way, the old Communist Party lacks skills and capital, and massive unemployment is bound to bring social unrest, the old Communist Party needs Taiwan’s help more than in the past, and in turn, attracting Taiwanese businessmen into China is one of the policies of poor Taiwan.

This is also the reason why the old Communist Party to Taiwan with a big knife missile in one hand, the other hand to Taiwan capital beckons.

A while ago, a bunch of red scholars and red media threatened: as long as the old Communist Party suspended ECFA, Taiwan’s economy will die. Last year, China frantically imported Taiwan parts and materials to stockpile, and all of a sudden, Taiwan earned $80 billion from China, mostly from China to Taiwan imports of production tools and semiconductors and electronic parts, if the business between China and Taiwan is suspended, the old Communist Party losses are more serious than Taiwan, which is the truth.

At present, there are three types of Taiwanese businessmen trapped in China: first, large international conglomerates, second, medium-sized listed companies, and third, small Taiwanese businessmen.

The old Communist Party is luring Taiwanese businessmen to build nests, wanting money and technology, and the Blue camp can’t wait to echo the one-China table, and the KMT think tank is starting to conduct cross-strait economic and trade seminars, playing with lanterns during the day, understanding that high-tech companies are encouraged to enter China quickly to get stuck in.

Of course, the world situation is getting more and more complicated, we still have to remind Taiwanese businessmen that money must be earned, but personal safety is important.