Hong Kong or White Zone

The police have just announced that the number of denunciations of the “National Security Law” in the past six months has reached 100,000, and the incident of the “Director of National Security” patronizing an illegal massage parlor in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon was announced by the South China Morning Post at midnight. This incident is unusual.

It is a half-empty glass, or half a glass of water, depending on the position and viewpoint. From a non-political physical point of view, as long as it is not rape, pay the full cost, the police are also people, there is no problem at all.

All moral arguments, all mother-in-law low-end nonsense, can be ignored. The main focus of the investigation is to find out who released the information.

From a rational perspective of class discrimination: the owner of the illegal massage parlor, the masseuse and the cleaning aunt are poorly educated and would never read an English newspaper. The chance of the massage party directly to the English newspaper is extremely low, unless one possibility: this illegal massage parlor, usually also have white patrons. Foreign customers and female masseurs usually Happy Ending, Happy out of the feelings. Female massage therapist and the ghost and Cai sir, respectively, are familiar customers, to the foreigner said the leak, and the foreigner is the CIA personnel, such as the treasure, then informed the foreign language newspaper lurking in their own people. If the Chinese side traced this English news by the titular writer Kirsten Leung, they must know.

But if the secret does not come from the illegal massage parlors, it is complicated. Choose an English newspaper to break the news, rather than all have been pro-China to the side of the Chinese newspaper (left gum to look at the table will slap the curses are racist, ha ha, racism can be clever it), is a smart calculation: know that the matter fed to any Chinese newspaper, the editor-in-chief and the boss will be scared to piss incontinence once received, Lin Zheng just said to fake news legislation, think of a few heads, absolutely dare not publish.

The owner of the English newspaper, a three-year-old child knows, is not the average businessman in Hong Kong or Malay Chinese. Can exclude all resistance, courageous publication, and the party that broke the news, there has been a tacit understanding.

By inference, Frederick Chua is the candidate to take over the Police Commissioner next year, usually low profile, fell, who will benefit internally? This is still a small matter. The image of the police and the National Security Law has been discredited, the loss is the country. Following this logic, an extraordinary political hierarchy is involved.

The pro-China camp in Hong Kong is calling on the Lam Cheng government to ban Apple Daily. In “normal” times, this would have been published in Apple’s headlines, and it would have been simple: foreign powers colluding with Fatty Lai to smear the police. But now it has nothing to do with Apple, proving that even if one Apple closes its doors, there is another English Apple. With this political logic, Apple if not closed, but can be used as a platform for the release of information against the South China Morning Post against the family.

Those who think that clearing all opposition voices in Hong Kong is the world’s peace are really retarded. Is it a ghost or a person here? Hong Kong is really a complex place. No wonder the mainland’s discerning netizens pointed out: at first thought the establishment of the national security law, Hong Kong will be calm, but it seems not, Hong Kong is still a white zone. Even if the “improvement” of the Legislative Council elections, even if Lin Zheng, the police, all the media are “patriotic”, Hong Kong will always be a white zone.