Rumors of the proximity of Japan’s defense facilities, Chinese capital to buy a lot of land to worry

Japanese media reported on Thursday (13), the Japanese government to protect the security of the Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces in Japan, recently began to investigate the land property rights near the base, found that most of the 700 land sales plan with China-led foreign investment groups, to grasp the use of Japanese and U.S. ships and aircraft and related personnel movements, posing a security threat.

From time to time in recent years, there are rumors that Chinese capital in Japan’s defense facilities around 10 kilometers to buy land, reports said the Japanese government decided last year a full investigation. The source said that the confirmed land acquisition case or acquisition plan, including the Self-Defense Force, U.S. military bases, the Maritime Security Agency and cosmic development-related facilities adjacent to the land, and from these lands can overlook the panoramic view of the above facilities, can grasp the use of Japanese and U.S. ships, aircraft and the movement of relevant personnel.

One of the land buyers, suspected to be related to the Chinese government, has purchased the land closest to the U.S. military base in Kanagawa Prefecture and owns several high-rise buildings overlooking the base. Another buyer intends to buy a hotel in Okinawa Prefecture, which overlooks the U.S. military base; the other party in the name of “American capital”, but may be related to Chinese state-owned enterprises.

In addition, Japan’s Ministry of Defense is drafting this year’s defense white paper, will for the first time mention the stability of the situation in Taiwan, the security of Japan and the stability of the international community is quite important.