Bill Gates appeared for the first time after announcing the news of his divorce

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has never been seen in public since his divorce was announced. Recently, his eldest daughter Jennifer Gates shared a photo with her father at a private club in the community, showing that the two of them spent a good parent-child time together.

After the divorce news, Bill Gates spent parent-child time with his daughter at a private club

According to the “Times Magazine” report, Jennifer shared a photo with her father on the 13th, and mentioned that “the time spent with family is the best”, in which Bill Gates is wearing a relaxed and happy smile, standing next to his daughter.

It is reported that although the parents are in the divorce process, Jennifer will still follow the plan and fiancé Nayel (Nayel Nassar) wedding, the two announced their engagement in January last year, Jennifer often in the community and fiancé flash, “I can not wait to marry you”.