Section-level cadres threw 25 kilograms of gold in the river, the police only retrieved 10 kilograms

In order to help Sun Qiang (pseudonym) cover up the proceeds of crime, his wife, brother and sister-in-law all took part in the case, and as a result, the whole family faced severe punishment under the law. Recently, some details of the money-laundering case were disclosed on the Chinese Judicial Documents website.

According to the First Branch of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate, in 2019, when the procuratorial authorities were handling a mega contract fraud case, they found clues of corruption and bribery among state employees and traced them to Sun Qiang. Although Sun Qiang was only a section-level cadre, the amount of bribes received was up to more than 6 million yuan. In order to “clean” these illegal gains, Sun Qiang will look to his own family.

The first is Sun Qiang’s wife, Simou, who was born in 1983 and is an employee of a research institute in Shanghai. between May 2017 and July 2019, she knew that her husband, Sun Qiang, was a state employee and had illegally received large sums of money from others, but still, at Sun Qiang’s direction, transferred a total of 4,939,400 yuan of bribes received by Sun Qiang into eight bank accounts under his actual control in small amounts. Before the crime, the Secretary will be part of the bribe money gathered to its control of the other two bank accounts to hide.

In August 2018, Chen was instructed by Sun Qiang’s brother to conceal 1,155,800 yuan of bribes received by Sun Qiang by means of fictitious transactions with companies under his actual control. million yuan of bribe money disguised as normal trading profits. In the process, Sun Qiang gave his brother more than 760,000 yuan in “benefit fees” before and after.

In August 2019, Sun Qiang embezzlement and bribery case, Sun Mou couple not only did not take the initiative to confess, but also secretly will keep 25 kilograms of gold discarded to Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, dredging the river and other places. After Sun and his wife arrived at the case, led the public security organs to salvage 10 kilograms of gold.

In this case, suspected of money laundering crimes of the Secretary, Chen, Sun, etc. are prosecuted by the procuratorial authorities. At present, Simou and Chen have been sentenced by the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court to 2 years’ imprisonment, 3 years’ probation and 2 years’ imprisonment, 2 years’ probation respectively, for the crime of money laundering.

The reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Procuratorate that the city’s procuratorial authorities handled 17 cases and 25 people for money laundering crimes in 2020, an increase of 240% in the number of cases. The predicate crimes of money laundering are mainly concentrated in the field of financial crimes and corruption and bribery crimes, diversification of money laundering methods, virtual coins, game coins and other new money laundering vehicles.