Hundreds of millions of mines around the world have not been cleared since World War II! Now by an animal

It is well known that mines were used extensively in many battles, especially during World War II, and many war zones were filled with mines of different power; however, when the war ended, these mines became a nightmare that affected the lives of local people; according to the Allied personnel’s calculation of the number of mines produced and consumed by each warring country, there are still more than According to the Allies’ calculations of the number of mines produced and consumed by each warring nation, there were still more than 100 million mines in various war zones around the world that had not been removed.

In Cambodia, one newspaper proposed bringing British mad cow disease cattle to the countryside and letting them walk around to detonate the nearly 11 million mines planted there; of course, this method would never work.

However, demining is indeed a difficult task; armored mine clearance vehicles can only work on flat terrain; metal detectors are extremely inefficient because they react to all non-lethal metals underground; dogs can sniff out explosives in mined areas, but they are easily distracted and often die because they don’t follow the rules. However, it is comforting to know that there is an extremely sensitive Gambian pouched rat in Africa, which can accurately smell out the smell of TNT in mines, and it is not inferior to professional mine detection dogs.

The first time I saw the film, I was able to see it. (schematic diagram / photo taken from pixabay)

The newest addition to the list is the newest addition to the list. (schematic diagram / from pixabay)

The company’s main business is to promote the development of a new product, the “Gumby”. (Photo/from pixabay)

The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the development of the company’s products. Colombia is the first country in the world to use rats for this dangerous work.

Gambian pouched rat (Gambian pouched rat) is the world’s largest known rodent, some even larger than the size of domestic cats, its official name is “big cheek kangaroo”, because they like to eat food stored in the cheeks and named; but why they can serve as a mine detection so dangerous work But why can they do such a dangerous job as mine detection? Gambian rat has a unique advantage, first of all, it will not be like a metal mine detector can not distinguish between mines and nails, and will not be like an armored bulldozer can only work on flat ground; dogs are also mine detection experts, but there are many limitations, many mine detection dogs can not adapt to the tropical climate of Africa, and dogs are too emotional, and trainers are too personal, but once the replacement is not obedient; compared to other demining methods, Gambian rat The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. (Photo/reproduced from pixabay)

The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. But rats are different, as long as they need food, they will always work, and a few peanuts can meet them, the Gambian’s idea is very simple, find the mine can get food, that’s all. Undoubtedly, the Gambian rat has become the best force in international mine clearance teams.