Frontline interview: Anhui two places suddenly all sealed in the middle of the night nucleic acid testing

There are local confirmed cases in Hefei and Lu’an cities in Anhui Province. The picture shows a long line of people in Lu’an city for nucleic acid testing and vaccination. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

The reporter learned from local people that nucleic acid testing in the two areas concerned continued until midnight on the 13th, and the neighborhoods where the confirmed cases were located were completely closed, and some hospitals were closed.

The Chinese Communist Party officially reported on May 13 that there was one local case each in Yue’an District, Lu’an City, and Feixi County, Hefei City, Anhui Province. Subsequently, on May 14, one new local case was reported in Feixi County, and seven other asymptomatic infected persons were reported.

It is reported that the new case in Feixi County is related to the first two confirmed cases as colleagues.

Officials said the first confirmed native case in Feixi County was engaged in photography marketing training, flew to Hefei from Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, via Dalian on May 1, had contact with inbound personnel in Dalian, and started training at a studio in Liuan City on May 2. The second confirmed case worked at the studio and listened to classes and shared meals during the training.

As of 2:00 a.m. on the 14th, 2,500 close contacts were identified in Liuan City, Anhui Province, and 548 close contacts in Hefei City.

The relevant district in Lu’an City was suddenly fully closed

The Baichuan Mingting neighborhood in the Yu’an District of Liuan City is now sealed after being classified as a medium-risk area.

A restaurant owner at the east gate of the district told the Epoch Times that the local authorities suddenly suspended operations at 3 p.m. on the 24th, and that confirmed cases live near the north gate of the district, but the entire district was completely closed and residents were asked to do nucleic acid testing.

The restaurant owner said: “This morning is still doing well, 3 p.m. sudden notice of (closed). We have the whole street is closed off, the whole door is closed, can not enter, closed door, began to close the road, the district is also closed, I am in the district east, take-out also can not, can only wait for notice.”

“The north gate side found a positive, we are at the east gate, far from us, but still closed.” He said the confirmant is a lady in her twenties who works as a wedding photographer.

The photography building where the diagnosed person is located is located in the East Zhejiang Trade City, the nearby area has also been closed since the 14th, restaurants and stores are suspended. A boss of the business city told reporters that everyone was asked to stay at home, not to go out, must do nucleic acid testing, someone went to the test before midnight the day before.

Regarding the transmission pathway of the confirmed patient, the owner of the business city said, “(The confirmed patient) went to Hefei to do photography training and was infected by one who came from out of town.” The aforementioned restaurant owner also said, “Some people said they got married on May 1 and went to shoot a wedding to get infected.”

The confirmed person was found to be (nucleic acid test) positive when he went to see the Shili Hospital in Liuan City. The reporter called the Shili Hospital, the other side replied, “the hospital has all stopped, see the doctor to go to other hospitals, when to resume and so on the government notice, see the government news.”

Hefei City, Feixi County in the middle of the night testing involving tens of thousands of people

Included in the risk area of Hefei City, Feixi Shangpai Town, Jin Yun International commercial and residential buildings, a nearby citizen told reporters that there is no closure there for the time being, but the people in a few kilometers around must do nucleic acid testing, Jin Yun International is located at the junction of the city, near a lot of factories.

The people said that the nucleic acid testing from the afternoon of the 13th, has been done that day at midnight, “in the middle of the night are shouted up to do, knocking on the door from house to house, the community, doctors, ah hundreds of people over nucleic acid testing.”

In addition, local requirements such as shopping malls and factories are vaccinated. He said, “has been notified to play the vaccine, yesterday I passed by the place to play the vaccine not much people play, today are lined up, full, some communities are played out. The notice has been playing, (before) relatively not so concentrated, now playing concentrated up. Shopping malls and factories, etc. are asking to play.”

Hefei’s confirmed patients had been to dine at the Seabed restaurant in Xingda City Shopping Center, which has suspended operations.

Star City Shopping Center, another store owner said, “Star City underwater fish off, the other did not close. Star City Mall closed the news, we did not know until now that there side closed, I was in this Star City, but that underwater fish closed we do not know.”

About the Golden Cloud International commercial and residential buildings, the boss got the news that the Golden Cloud International commercial and residential buildings of the community has been closed, in addition, the entire county of Feixi County to do nucleic acid testing, a total of tens of thousands of people.

He said: “Yesterday (23rd) to (midnight) a couple of points, this morning at six o’clock to do it again. Pai River to the north to prosperous Avenue south of all do, any home all do, there are close links like the Golden Cloud International ah, the district closed.”

Also according to the latest news on May 14, the first confirmed native case in Feixi County has been to Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, two new native confirmed cases, three cases of asymptomatic infected people. The city of Yingkou has begun to control highway intersections, requiring “non-essential not to leave the area”, and closed eight key neighborhoods, the entire staff nucleic acid testing.