The King of Thailand is rumored to have “respiratory problems”! He was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit

The 68-year-old Thai King Vajiralongkorn (Maha Vajiralongkorn) was recently reported to be admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital due to respiratory problems, but it is understood that the condition is not life-threatening, and it is not sure whether it is related to the new crown pneumonia (Chinese Communist virus), the news has not been officially responded to by Thai officials.

According to the foreign media “royalcentral” reported, long years of research on the Thai royal family of the British journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, shocked that the Thai king Vajiralongkorn due to respiratory problems admitted to Bangkok Siriraj Hospital (Siriraj Hospital) intensive care unit, but he said on Twitter, although the rumors flying, but there is no information on the Thai king’s condition. However, there is no news of any life-threatening condition of the Thai king, “indeed there is a breathing problem, but probably not related to the new crown pneumonia”, to which the Thai official did not respond at present.