Japan, the United States, France and Australia “ARC21” military exercise formation into the East China Sea to send a clear message

According to Kyodo News on May 14, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) released the same day the “ARC21” images of outlying island defense training involving the naval forces of the United States, Japan, France, Australia and other countries, showing warships from multiple countries sailing in formation in the East China Sea. This is also the first time that the four countries have jointly conducted military training in the East China Sea.

The move is a clear signal to the Chinese Communist Party. The report said that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force released images of the East China Sea formation sailing in order to demonstrate the unity of the countries, “to strongly restrain China on the Senkaku Islands (China called the Diaoyu Islands) and the situation in Taiwan in tension.

The images released by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force on the same day showed the naval forces of various countries sailing in formation with the Japanese helicopter frigate “Ise” as the center, and the U.S. “Fish Hawk” transport aircraft flying overhead. In addition, the Japanese Land Self-Defense Force also started this Friday, in the Kirishima across Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, the start of military training with the French Army, the U.S. Marine Corps; and plans to implement amphibious operations training from the ships off the coast west of Kyushu, to the exercise site to send troops.

It is reported that Japan, the United States, France, Australia and other four countries “ARC21” military exercises will continue until next Monday, a total of 11 surface ships and Japanese Navy submarines and other training.