Suzhou tornadoes affected many places, some netizens said casualties were heavy

A clip has been circulated online of the extreme weather in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, on Friday night (14), with a large number of lightning and tornadoes seen, with some netizens leaving messages saying that “casualties were heavy”.

The local media reported that the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Station has confirmed that a tornado occurred in Shengze Town, damaging electrical facilities and many houses.

From the footage, the scale of the tornado is clearly visible to the naked eye, branches, leaves, etc. were blown to the sky, and then seen to cause power outages. The local media said that the strength of the tornado should reach EF level 2 or higher, that is, “considerable damage”.

A netizen said the tornado hit the local “heavy casualties”, “there are many factories, serious almost flattened, many workers were injured, the casualties are quite heavy”.

The local media quoted the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Station, saying that the joint influence of low-level southwesterly wind rapids and shear lines, convective echoes began to generate in the late afternoon of the same day in the western areas along the rivers and south Jiangsu Province, and in the process of moving eastward rapidly developed, there was strong lightning, short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorm winds of 8 to 11, small hail and other strong convective weather. Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Station confirmed that a tornado appeared in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, around 7:00 pm.

The clip shows the scene in a mess after the tornado hit. (Screenshot of the film)

Another staff of the Wuzhou City, Wujiang District Meteorological Bureau also said that the tornado occurred in the northern part of Shengze Town, electrical facilities and a number of houses were damaged, and a few people were reported to be injured at the scene.