The “Learning Power” software caused trouble Officials forced smugglers to surrender to their home countries by means of guilt by association

The notification letter from the police in Santai County marks the end of the official effort to take Internet fraud seriously because of “humiliating habits”.

Mainland officials launched a special operation against smuggling across the country and used family members as bargaining chips to force people who had been smuggled to Southeast Asia to return home to help with the investigation. It is known that the action behind the “learning to be a strong country” has become an accomplice to telecommunications fraud. The news is that a number of single women in the system have fallen prey to virtual online love affairs and lost at least millions of dollars. The incident has left Xi Jinping in disgrace. (By Huang Xiaoshan/Cheng Wen)

The Public Security Bureau of Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, issued a circular on Thursday (13) for mass repatriation, asking Santai nationals stranded in Southeast Asia, especially those smuggled into northern Myanmar and the Golden Triangle, to take the initiative to report to Santai police within 30 days of the circular, explaining their local situation.

The circular specifies that those who do not take the initiative to report after the deadline will have their bank and internet payment accounts frozen, as well as all documents suspended, and all policy preferences and benefits for themselves and their families cancelled.

Wu, a police officer of the anti-fraud joint office of the Santai County Public Security Bureau, confirmed to the station that the operation is being carried out under the unified deployment of the State Council, with northern Myanmar being a key area. At present, only the registration, whether these people can return to the country, need to wait for the opening of the border crossing. As for when to open, they do not know.

Officer Wu: smuggling certainly not ah, illegal crime ah. This is the face of all, illegal is illegal, crime is a crime, no matter what you open, first come back to the smuggling of this thing clearly. Well, the notice above said very clearly ah, (family) must be affected. Now the government will soon introduce the relevant file. (Documents) can not do. That the state has not to do the reason, this thing is the State Council unified arrangements, not for a particular person, is for all.

Another police officer of the joint office of anti-fraud also pointed out that the stowaways, if they do not accept the advice to return, their families, and even children’s college entrance exams, schooling, etc., may be affected.

Santai County Joint Office: We are now dealing with people who have smuggled themselves past illegal employment. This notice is written very clearly, if he does not return within 30 days, what are the consequences ah. You read our notice carefully.

It is understood that the official crackdown on smuggling is behind the fight against telecom fraud, and the origin is the “Learning Power” cell phone software is used by telecom fraud groups hiding outside the country to cheat.

According to informed sources, many female civil servants in the system have been targeted by telecom fraud syndicates for logging in to the “Learning Power” cell phone software to “punch in” in accordance with official regulations, disguising themselves as “party members, soldiers, cadres, civil servants” and so on. The fraudulent schemes are carried out in the name of romance and to gain goodwill.

In recent years, as the economic situation has deteriorated, a large number of unemployed Chinese people have been smuggled into Southeast Asia, especially in the armed belt of northern Myanmar and Cambodia, to engage in telecom (Internet) scams targeting Chinese people, which have led to thousands of people being defrauded, but the Chinese Communist Party has no intention to pay attention to them. This time, the “Learning Power” app, which is considered a political symbol of Xi Jinping, has become an accomplice to the scam, and officials have been quick to crack down on it.

The “Learning Power” mobile app, launched on New Year’s Day 2019, was launched by the CCP’s Central Propaganda Department as a medium to promote the thoughts and words of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, and central media reporters even had to pass an exam within the app to obtain a press card, making it the top APP download in China. However, it was criticized as brainwashing software by the public.

According to a research report by the Open Tech Fund and a German information security company, the app has the ability to access users’ cell phone information, photos, address book, Internet usage records, and activate the recording function in the phone. Researchers say it is spying on the lives of Chinese people and that more than 100 million cell phone users have been victimized.