Following the death of 49 middle school students in Chengdu, Hubei 14-year-old girl fell to her death in school

The storm of public opinion triggered by the fall of the 49th student in Chengdu Lin Weiqi has not yet subsided, Hubei Anlu yesterday (May 13) and then a 14-year-old girl fell to her death in school.

Anlu City Public Security Bureau WeChat public number “Safe Anlu” today (14) informed, “May 13, 2021 at 8:19, I 110 received the city De’an high school school school alarm, said the school has a student fall, has contacted 120 to send the fallen students to the hospital emergency. “

The briefing said, “After investigation, the fall of the student Yang, female, 14 years old, the school’s eighth grade students. 11:40 Xu, by the city People’s Hospital resuscitation ineffective death. Preliminary rule out the possibility of criminal cases.”

The fallen girl’s uncle posted on social media platforms that the incident occurred at 8:19 a.m. on May 13, when the child was in English class, suddenly got up and walked to the classroom window and leapt down, the teacher had not reacted. The child had been called by two teachers to talk at around 7:30 to 70:40 a.m. During the conversation, at 7:35 a.m., the teacher also called the child’s mother, saying that the child’s grades had fallen badly, before the child’s grades had been among the top, but this time the English test only scored more than 70 points and fell to 40 or 50. They suspect that the child fell or talk with the teacher related.

The incident has sparked heated debate among netizens, some believe that the problem lies in the hearts of children who are now too fragile, and some believe that the current education system has caused the evil effects of.

“Recently this type of case how so many children’s mental health is very important eh”

“Now young people’s hearts are very fragile, only child is too pretentious, the family is a baby outside can not suffer a little aggravation.”

“Society is too impatient, what to lose in the starting line and other words from the post-00s, these urgent work ethos is now gradually emerging, many children’s psychological capacity is too weak.”

“Now the education itself is unreasonable, children’s parents are too tired too anxious”

“There should be a complete reform of exam-oriented education and emphasis on the mental health and quality education of children and adolescents.”

“In the past, our children were resistant to blows and setbacks, and they wouldn’t think about dying even if it was a big deal. Now children are spoiled, can not stand a little aggression, can not withstand a little blow, jumping to suicide at every turn, should not reflect on our family education, social environment and school education?”

“We see a lot of suicides, the proportion of real major setbacks and trauma is actually very small, many children do not have obvious childhood shadows, and did not encounter how powerful external stimuli, but they can not find the meaning of survival, which is really scary.”

This comes just after the death of Lin Weiqi, a 16-year-old student from Chengdu’s 49th Middle School, who fell to his death. The incident has become the most talked about hotspot in recent days due to the recurrence of the authorities’ repeated stabilization drama, including the absence of key surveillance videos, the school’s delay in informing parents, the official suppression of public opinion reports, and the police’s suppression of people demanding the truth.

Cheng Yizhong, the former editor-in-chief of Southern Metropolis Daily and the first editor-in-chief of Xinjing Daily, told Radio Free Asia, “Why is it that every time there is a similar emergency or natural or man-made disaster, the authorities first try to silence and suppress public opinion, and then resort to the silly way of sneaking around and trying to cover it up?” The answer is simple: China’s “facts” are determined by a “unipolar ruling mindset that allows only praise but not criticism” and “pursues a super-stable structure.

He believes that it is natural for people to be suspicious of official reports: “The People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency have made many rumors, told many lies and caused many natural and man-made disasters throughout history. Now all the media in China have become the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, how can we believe them? There is no reason to believe it!”