3 big bad omens! Global stock markets ring the death knell?

The recent global epidemic rebound, the pace of economic recovery is blocked by the delay, coupled with rising prices, making food difficult and the rising cost of living, meaning that the economy will only get worse, but also to guard against the U.S. Federal Reserve or due to inflation exceeds expectations and forced to raise interest rates early, all factors make the global stock market shocks, and recently saw the stock market appeared 3 major omen, or foreshadowing the global crash in the city inevitable!

First, in the U.S. stocks, the big twins have recently reduced their stock holdings. In the past, the U.S. stock adjustment, did not see the U.S. technology giant enterprises frequently reduce their holdings to cash, the market conditions can be adjusted to a new high. But recently seen Amazon’s Bezos big hand to reduce holdings, another technology giant – Alphabet has also been a major shareholder big hand to reduce holdings. Regardless of the purpose of their cash, this batch of large twins sand for the current valuation of holdings seems to have some views, it is to the price can be sold, meaning that the future of U.S. stocks for a period of time will be caught in an easy to fall difficult to rise situation. U.S. stocks are not okay, emerging markets are hard to escape a disaster.

Secondly, the investment “star” light no longer, which includes people and things. The “people”, the United States is the name of the goddess of stocks Cathie Wood, whose Ark Space Exploration ETF recently sold a large number of crab goods to stop losses, while holding a portfolio of technology stocks also depreciated significantly. As for the “things”, the best example of the hot virtual currency, the recent rebound wave can not be a new high, and each rebound of the selling pressure is heavier than once. Two major investment “stars” light fall, or indicate that the global financial market mania has come to an end, and will enter a long period of adjustment.

Third, this year, foreign investors began to slow down investment in China, A shares frequently recorded a net outflow of funds, the U.S. electric car factory shelved plans to expand its plant in Shanghai. It is important to know that real money and white silver options speak the most truth. These phenomena show that international companies and funds are taking risk-reducing measures due to economic and geopolitical risk considerations, which is exactly the sign of a mountain rain and a windy building!

In the end, the next scene, whether to enter the real “global speculation” of the “meat of the play”? I do not have a crystal ball, only to remind the audience, pay attention to the next one to two quarters, the global stock market may have significant volatility, it is advisable to try to grasp the time to reduce leverage, good control of position risk, patiently waiting for the summer stock market clearance price reduction, and then make deployment.