Dangerous roads in China? Xi’an woman dies in bicycle crash…

On the afternoon of May 13, the road collapsed in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, causing a woman passing by on a non-motorized bike to fall into the pit, and the woman subsequently died. Netizens are debating the cause of the road collapse.

Xinjing News reported that the management committee of Xi’an Qujiang New Area said that at about 5 p.m. on May 13, a woman on a non-motorized bicycle fell into a pit near the underground passage project of Yuejiazhai Station of Metro Line 5 (under construction) on Yanxiang Road of Xi’an City in the third phase of the commercial complex. At about 7:20 p.m. that night, the woman was rescued and sent to the hospital with no vital signs.

The report said that the collapse of the pit is semi-circular, about 8 meters in diameter, about 5 meters deep.

Many netizens discuss the cause of the road collapse.

Some said, “The Great Leap Forward of the subway has hollowed out the underground of the city.” “It must be the digging of the underground channel, the mud below the mud away, the mud above it will collapse. Counting up the company digging the underground passage is the responsible party.”

Other netizens said, “The collapse could be due to groundwater.” “Can I say it’s tofu dregs?”

Another netizen pointed out, “Opened the broken National Games, daily construction everywhere digging nonsense.” “Xi’an is a big construction site, everyone must pay attention to safety on the site.” “China’s infrastructure is the best in the world … pit.”

In addition, there are netizens said, “Why would there be such a deep collapse, about five meters deep, are close to the height of the two-story building.” “Walking and dying, life ah…”