Wife murder case in Hangzhou, the victim’s daughter attended the trial

May 14, 9:00 a.m., Hangzhou, Zhejiang man Xu Guoli suspected of intentional homicide case trial, the case will be sentenced at a later date.

In the early morning of July 5, Xu Guoli killed his wife, Lai Huili, at home while she was asleep and threw her body into a septic tank, causing widespread concern in the community.

According to the allegations, Xu Guoli and the victim Lai Huili two conflict due to feelings, economic and other reasons, Xu Guoli to Lai Huili resentment, one after another to buy a utility knife, cutting machine, etc., determined to kill Lai Huili.

On the night of July 4, 2020, Xu Guoli put sleeping pills into the milk he drank before going to bed, and when he fell asleep after drinking it, he used tape paper to seal it and a pillow to cover his mouth and nose to kill him. Afterwards, Xu Guoli moved the victim’s body to the bathroom and dismembered the body using the tools prepared in advance, then scattered and abandoned it, and flushed part of the body tissue into the septic tank through the toilet. After the crime, Xu Guoli fabricated false information, falsely claiming that Lai Huili was missing.

On July 22, Xu Guoli lived in the district septic tank found part of the human tissue, July 23 Xu Guoli was arrested and returned to the case.

The next of kin of Lai Huili filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit, requesting Xu Guoli to compensate for various economic losses totaling more than 2.71 million yuan.

The eldest daughter of Xu Guoli attended the trial with her husband on the 14th. Xu Guoli in the final statement stage expressed guilty, repentance.

At 12:47 on the 14th, the trial ended. The cousin of Lai Huili expressed the hope of shooting Xu Guoli.

The netizens have to follow the post to express their views: “murdered a corpse, so cruel, not sentenced to death, heaven forbid!” “This kind of vicious murder case does not pay for the words, the law has no justice to speak!” “Too cruel, such a human devil is not sentenced to death, then what is the use of the law!” “There is no medicine for regret, everything is impossible to start over, go to the underworld and regret slowly!”