Mainland officials again move to prohibit artists from receiving gifts from fans to raise funds

A video of milk pouring on April 29 caused a hot debate on the Internet. The picture shows a fan hiring someone to take the cap and pour the milk photo. (Online photo)

After the Chinese talent show “Youth With You 3” was officially suspended due to the “milk pouring incident,” the China Industry Performance Association recently issued a new rule that strictly prohibits artists and agencies from launching commercial fundraising activities to fans, and violators will be “boycotted. The new rules will be “boycotted”. However, many netizens believe that by not punishing platforms and sponsors, but only targeting artists and fans, the officials are obviously “picking the soft ones to pinch”.

On April 29, a video of a milk pouring on the mainland network caused a hot debate. According to the report, it was a fan of the talent show “Youth with You 3” who bought milk and couldn’t finish it, so he asked special staff to pour it directly into the ditch. And what is even more shocking is that there is a whole wall of milk crates with milk waiting to be dumped one by one.

According to the report, the drink involved is a partner of the talent show, the audience can vote for the contestants after purchase, but the vote requires sweeping the QR code inside the bottle cap, and the bottle must be opened to scan the code to vote. This is why a large number of fans are buying the sponsor’s milk and dumping the cartons of milk when they can’t finish it.

The odd “milk pouring incident” sparked public discontent and anger: “This kind of lure purchase behavior, Mengniu and Aiki should reflect on. Is it selling milk or selling votes?” “What a waste, what a sin!” “It’s boring to run this kind of entertainment program.”

In the midst of the criticism, the program was ordered to stop broadcasting by the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau on May 4, and on the 12th, the “China Industry Performance Association” also issued a new regulation: “Commercial fund-raising activities for fans initiated or organized by performers in the performance industry themselves or in the name of their own agencies or studios, as well as receiving fans The new rules also state that “the act of collecting funds for fans initiated or organized by the performers themselves or in the name of their own agencies or studios, as well as the act of accepting funds from fans.

The new rules also state that “fund-raising” is a violation of the Self-Discipline Management Measures for Performers in the Performing Arts Industry, and that any violators will be subject to a review process, with disciplinary measures such as joint boycotts implemented for the artists involved based on the results of the review.

In this regard, many Chinese netizens expressed their dissatisfaction and questioned: “The platform is not punished? Sponsors don’t punish? Capital is powerful, everything can be pushed to the stars and fans, bullying people!” “Platform off nothing will have, really persimmon picking up the soft pinch.” “The platform is the most should be rectified.”