Immoral! Lu man live peeing in the hotel kettle: for the next customer

On May 13, a mainland male video game host live-streamed peeing in a hotel hot water kettle, and spitting thick spit into a shower gel bottle, and even in shampoo. He also shamelessly said that he gave it to the next customer to use. (Screenshot of the video)

A male video game host on the mainland recently live-streamed peeing in a hotel hot water kettle, and also spitting thick spit into a bottle of shower gel, and even peeing in shampoo, and shamelessly said, for the next customer, “I’m that unethical”. The man posted the video in the game group to show off, and after it was exposed on microblogging, it triggered a network of condemnation.

On May 13, Beijing time, a video was posted on Weibo of a male video game anchor live-streaming some outrageous behavior in a hotel on the internet.

The male anchor said that he was about to leave the hotel and peed in the water bottle. Then he pointed the camera at the bottles of shampoo and body wash in the hotel bathroom and said, “These are filled with my urine for the next customer.”

The man also spit thick spit into the bottle of shower gel live, the picture is very disgusting. Finally the man poured the urine from the kettle into the toilet, saying that this way the next resident would not know about it and would use the kettle to boil water for drinking. He also laughed shamelessly and said, “No one knows anyway, I’m just so unethical”. (Click to watch the video)

The video was exposed on Weibo, triggering a wave of condemnation from netizens: “This kind of anchor should be given to him to expose who is ah! There is no conscience!”

“This kind of garbage should be able to find out.”

“The hotel’s kettle better not even use.”

“Resolutely bring your own in the future.”

“Somehow every time I use the hotel shower gel I wonder if someone will pour urine into it …… turns out I’m not delusional.”

It is understood that the account of this live master has now been blocked by the platform.

In mainland China, there are countless acts and incidents like this without public morality in hotels and public places.

According to a media report on April 20, 2018, a mainland female tour guide revealed on WeChat that a Chinese woman she shared a room with in a hotel had used the hotel’s hot water kettle to “cook her underwear”, causing her to exclaim, “Too! Heart! Heart!” The woman said she was “too!

The female tour guide said she “really can’t stand this kind of behavior”, she tried to stop it, but “found out too late”, so quickly go online to buy a new kettle.

(Web screenshot)

China has been known as a nation of etiquette since ancient times, and reveres moral cultivation. Historically, Japan and South Korea have sent people to China to learn the culture and etiquette, and in the Republic of China, people still continue the traditional moral etiquette. However, after the Chinese Communist Party usurped power in 1949, it launched successive campaigns to devastatingly destroy traditional culture, preaching the Communist Party’s culture of struggle, and not believing that lack of virtue will lead to evil retribution, the whole society’s morality rapidly declined, people hurt each other, and everyone is in danger.