Retired military personnel reported in real name Heilongjiang Province Director of Justice Zhao Jincheng involved in black

“In the past, bandits were in the deep mountains, but now bandits are in public security!” This proverb is widely circulated among mainland visitors. Zhao Jincheng, the head of the Communist Party’s Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Justice, has recently been reported in real names, giving netizens a glimpse of the shocking dark secrets of the Communist Party’s public security system.

Recently, Zhao Xudong, a retired soldier and manager of the direct branch of Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Construction Group Co.

According to the video, in 2007, Zhao Xudong began to report in his real name. In order to prevent Zhao Xudong from reporting, Zhao Jincheng, then director of the Mudanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, assigned others to plant evidence and frame Zhao Xudong by putting methamphetamine in his car; assigned a dozen police officers posing as Beijing Public Security Bureau personnel to forcibly enter his home to search and plunder valuable property; persecuted his family for many times, causing injuries and disabilities, causing Zhao Xudong to be imprisoned for 13 years, and his mother His mother died of injustice. After Zhao Xudong was released from prison, he continued to report Zhao Jincheng.

On May 12, Zhao Xudong told the Epoch Times that he had a personal relationship with Zhao Jincheng before his arrest and imprisonment, when he was the director of the Mudanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Zhao Xudong disclosed that he began to report Zhao Jincheng to the authorities because he sexually assaulted his wife, when a public security officer threatened him, saying, “Don’t sue, sue and you’ll be whole, and you’ll be sentenced even if you’re not guilty.” Zhao Xudong, who insisted on suing, was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being framed by Zhao Jincheng and others.

According to the “criminal complaint” provided by Zhao Xudong to this newspaper, on May 13, 2000, the Mudanjiang City Police took Zhao Xudong into criminal detention on suspicion of intentional injury, and he was arrested on June 16 of the same year. The Mudanjiang Municipal Intermediate Court sentenced Zhao Xudong to 13 years in prison for “intentional injury, extortion and illegal possession of ammunition”.

Zhao Xudong told reporters that all three charges were planted. Zhao Jincheng assigned his subordinates to force a man named Liu Gang, falsely accused Zhao Xudong to break his bones; in the three addresses where Zhao Xudong had not been for a long time, the police “searched” a large number of bullets; and the charge of “extortion and blackmail” is a falsehood.

In the “defense statement of Zhao Xudong,” defense lawyer Liu Zhaoying said that when he met with the defendant, Zhao Xudong submitted a document to his lawyer, reflecting that he was repeatedly taken out of the detention center and subjected to unbearable torture to extract confessions. After the interrogation, he was not allowed to retract his confession according to the statement that the investigator wanted him to confess to the crime and make, and he would be killed if he retracted his confession. During the torture, Zhao Xudong’s finger was broken and he could not lift his arm; when he returned to the detention center, the doctor examined him for elevated blood pressure and rapid heartbeat, and he could not get up after lying in the detention center for more than a month. There are many people who can testify to this.

Zhao Xudong disclosed to his lawyer that he was tortured by the police to extract a confession. (Witness testimony provided to this newspaper by Zhao Xudong)

In that year, the defense lawyer challenged, “This proves that the confessions and transcripts made under torture are not legal, that there are serious illegal issues in this case, and that an investigation should be conducted to find out whether the defendant was tortured to make a confession.”

“The case is a case of torture to force a confession, from the source of the case and the reasons for the case based on the existence of serious violations of the law, torture to obtain the transcript can not become conclusive evidence, the defendant does not exist the alleged crime of intentional injury, extortion and illegal possession of ammunition, the case may be a deliberate frame-up case.” The defense lawyer said.

Despite the doubts in Zhao Xudong’s case, the Mudanjiang Intermediate Court finally sentenced Zhao Xudong to 13 years in prison.

At present, Zhao Xudong is still in the predicament of being suppressed at any time. Zhao Jincheng, whom he reported, was promoted to head of the Communist Party’s Heilongjiang Provincial Justice Department in 2010.

According to public information, Zhao Jincheng has served in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province since 1985, and from 2004 to 2010, he served as the vice mayor of Mudanjiang City, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and director of the Public Security Bureau. 2010, he served as the director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department and secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Prison Administration.

In addition to being reported for his involvement in illegal activities, Zhao Jincheng and his unit, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Justice, have been listed in the overseas “National Organization for the Pursuit of Falun Gong”, and he himself has been listed in the overseas “International Organization for the Pursuit of Falun Gong”, and has been traced fifteen times. He has also been listed in the “Record of Evil People” on the Minghui website.

On December 12, 2006, Zhao Jincheng, then director of the Mudanjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, gathered police officers and neighborhood committee directors to abduct dozens of Falun Gong practitioners and extorted huge amounts of money from their families before releasing them. In the days around June 30, 2008, several cases of kidnapping of Falun Gong practitioners occurred in the Mudanjiang area, and nearly twenty Falun Gong practitioners were kidnapped for ransom and had their homes illegally raided.

During Zhao Jincheng’s tenure as deputy director of Heilongjiang Province, the 2014 Jian Sanjiang incident, a worldwide sensation in Heilongjiang, resulted in the persecution of several lawyers who defended Falun Gong practitioners, triggering solidarity and support from the national legal community, including prominent lawyers Jiang Tianyong, Tang Jitian, and Wang Quanzhang.