Australia’s “rat rain” farmers worry about the grain all gone

Australia’s New South Wales state rat infestation, a shocking amount of rats seen falling from the sky. (Taken from Twitter video)

Recently, some areas in Australia are rumored to be infested with rats, local people can not stand the disturbance, some farmers even filmed a large number of rats from the farm barn equipment “sprayed out” of the film, the picture is quite amazing.

An Australian ABC News reporter Lucy Thackray recently posted a film on Twitter, writing “even if the grain is stored in the silo, rats can still scurry in”, she said that in the small town of Tullamore, New South Wales, Australia (Tullamore), a farmer in cleaning equipment when the explosion The amount of rats sprayed out, just 45 seconds of the film can be seen rats do not distinguish between dead and alive, and continue to fall from the sky, as if a horrible “rat rain”.

It is reported that, since the end of last year, eastern Australia has faced the most serious rodent infestation in a decade, there have been reports of rats rampaging around, and even rats directly into the house to bite people’s conditions, local farmers are very worried about the hard planted grain will be looted an empty, still looking for effective rat control measures.