The scene of the car accident female driver figure private street to seize the man waist ten fingers clasped

Guangxi Guilin recently occurred a car accident, the two parties involved not only did not have an argument, but also instead staged a female to male pampering drama, so that the netizens were surprised.

It is known that the incident occurred last Saturday (8), two private cars collided, the scene is a mess, fortunately did not cause injuries. In the two sides waiting for the traffic police to arrive to deal with, the female driver involved in the suspected attempt to settle with the other party, even in full view of the situation to the male driver pampered.

From the scene, the woman first put her hand on the man’s waist, and then tried to catch the man’s hand. The man at first seemed to the woman’s actions are not very affected by the fall, and set aside the woman’s hand, but the woman stalked, and finally succeeded in interlocking fingers with the man. The woman said to the man at the time: “We can solve it in private, anything.” The man then said, “Then you buy me a car!” The woman also replied readily: “Yes!” Finally the man’s attitude softened.

The picture has been uploaded to the Internet, attracting many netizens hot debate. Some netizens laughed at the woman’s use of the beauty scheme, the man “heroes are not happy with the beauty”. There are also people who are not impressed, referring to “this man is also, I do not know how to think, if I will directly call the police, which has so much nonsense.