Gingrich: Facebook sold out the country to block the former U.S. president but condone the Chinese Communist Party

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), writing on Fox News Tuesday (May 11), said Facebook blocked former U.S. President Donald Trump (Trump) while giving free rein to dictatorships such as the Communist Party of China, arguing that the former U.S. president is more dangerous than a hostile dictatorship. Gingrich argues that Facebook is violating America’s fundamental freedoms and selling out its own country with this action.

A translation of Gingrich’s article follows.

The decision by the so-called “Supreme Court” within Facebook to uphold the ban on former President Trump’s Facebook platform is a shocking act of hypocrisy. However, this decision will ultimately help President Trump, as it makes him a martyr in the defense of American constitutional freedoms.

Every American should be concerned about this decision. If the Facebook oligarchs can silence the former president of the United States, a man who received nearly 75 million votes, they can silence anyone.

But to understand how deep the hypocrisy and anti-Americanism of the Facebook elite runs, one need only look at who has not been removed from their platform.

Let’s start with the totalitarian dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP-controlled propaganda outlet Xinhua has 90.2 million followers on Facebook. The People’s Daily and the Global Times, the CCP’s propaganda media, have 86.5 million and 62.9 million followers respectively. The CCP-controlled television network China Central Television (CCTV) and its international affiliate China Global Television Network (CGTV) have 49.8 million and 116.8 million followers, respectively. All of these organizations have been designated as foreign missions by the U.S. State Department.

The former U.S. president appears to be more dangerous to Facebook than the dictatorial Chinese Communist Party. The centralized Chinese Communist Party is actively committing genocide and religious persecution, has taken over Hong Kong and threatened Taiwan, and has publicly stated its intention to become the world’s leading superpower by 2049.

Does the Facebook oligarch believe that other dictators besides dictatorial China are less of a threat to the United States than President Trump? The “Campaign for Vladimir Putin” page has 3.1 million followers. Has Facebook forgotten that the Russian dictator has amassed troops on the Ukrainian border and is trying to poison his main political opponent?

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif represents a country whose parliament openly chants “destroy America. He has 883,829 Facebook followers. President Nicolás Maduro, the corrupt Venezuelan dictator, has 1.2 million Facebook followers. President Miguel Díaz-CanelBermudez, successor to Cuban communist leader Raul Castro, has 24,261 Facebook followers.

Facebook’s so-called oversight board believes that a man who received nearly 75 million U.S. votes and served as president of the United States is more dangerous than the dictators of Communist China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.

We can conclude that either Facebook is unpatriotic and its leadership has no common sense, or that a foreign hostile dictatorship is less of a threat than a former president elected by the American people.

Apparently, the Facebook oligarchs are also less acceptable to President Trump than the Islamic State group, which has 81,179 followers. The Islamic State is led by Louis Farrakhan, a prominent anti-Semitic and manifesto hate preacher.

Facebook also believes that President Trump is somehow more dangerous to America than U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). Waters has said that if the court does not reach a guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case, then, “We have to stay in the streets. We have to become more active. We have to become more confrontational. We have to make sure they know what we mean.” Waters has 375,787 followers on Facebook.

That’s just one example. Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire because of America’s freedom. He relies on this country’s status and has a successful career because of freedom of speech. But the disgusting Zuckerberg has led this false, dishonest process to keep President Trump off Facebook while allowing the real dictator to speak freely.

This should be a national scandal. Zuckerberg and the Facebook oligarchs have violated America’s basic freedoms and sold out their country.

Silicon Valley looks more like a silicon swamp, hostile to Americans but friendly to dictatorships.