The employment situation of Chinese college students is severe Ministry of Education: will push policy positions

China’s Ministry of Education said Thursday that the size of the 2021 class of college graduates reached 9.09 million, an increase of 350,000 year-on-year, and the task of doing a good job for college graduates remains daunting.

Wang Hui, director of the Ministry of Education’s Department of College Students, said at a press briefing on the same day that the National Civil Service Bureau has advanced the examination and recruitment by about two months and will be basically completed in July; several departmental organs have also launched the “Special Post Program”, “Three Supporters”, the “The Ministry of Education also cooperated with the Ministry of National Defense Mobilization to launch the “two conscriptions a year” reform, and the second conscription registration started last month. In addition, the authorities are also easing the employment problem by recruiting for state-owned enterprises and expanding university admissions.

The number of college graduates in China has risen rapidly in recent years, with officials predicting that the number will top 10 million next year. Chen Zhiwen, editor-in-chief of China Education Online, said in an article a year ago that the employment of college students has reached its toughest moment, as the gradual slowdown of China’s economy, the heavy tax burden on small and medium-sized enterprises and the increasing number of highly educated people have made it more difficult for college students to find jobs.