Japan’s national doctors’ union calls for suspension of the Olympics

The 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic continues to grow in popularity, and the National Union of Physicians of Japan today filed a petition asking the Japanese government to suspend the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympics.

Representatives of the National Union of Physicians of Japan today went to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to submit a request to suspend the Tokyo Olympics and the Pa Games. The petition says that even if the event is held without spectators, there will be tens of thousands of players and team staff from all over the world who will arrive in Japan, and there is no denying the danger.

In addition, when medical personnel have to work long hours, it is irresponsible to hold the Olympics that may lead to the collapse of regional medical care, and to ask medical professionals who are struggling on the front line to work as volunteers, and therefore request the suspension of the Olympics.

The petition states that the union has received many complaints that its member physicians are so busy that it is difficult for them to assist in administering vaccines and they have no time to volunteer for the Olympics.

The head of the National Union of Physicians of Japan, Naoto Ukiyama, said at a press conference that it may be embarrassing for the players, but someone has to step up and ask for the suspension of the Olympics, and in order to speak up for the medical practitioners, and dare to make the request.

He also said that the medical scene is filled with distrust of the government atmosphere, doubting whether the government is serious about fighting the epidemic, the government shoulders a major mission to protect the lives and property of the nation, and is now worth a clear statement of the situation.