U.S. media: Marvel two movies or “insulting China” by the Chinese ban

Variety, an American magazine that covers entertainment and movie news, reports that two of Marvel’s latest films, including Eternals, directed by Chinese director Ting Chiu, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ring, Marvel’s first Chinese superhero movie, may not be released in China because of allegations of insulting China. Ten Ring), may not be released in China because of the alleged insult to China.

According to the report, China Central Television’s movie channel “CCTV 6” recently listed eight upcoming American movies in China, but only Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” and “The Eternals” are missing. Both movies happen to be related to China and have recently been suspected of “insulting China”.

The report said that the villainous character “Lord Manchu” played by Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai in “Shang Qi” is similar in name and background design to the character “Fu Manchu” in the British novelist’s book with the meaning of “insulting China”. The actor’s name and background design are similar to the character “Fu Manchu” in the British novelist’s book, which was criticized by China Youth Daily, the official media of the Communist Youth League, and was angrily criticized by Chinese netizens for “blackening Chinese people”.

The report said, “Shang Qi” male protagonist, Chinese born actor Simu Liu (Simu Liu) and other Chinese actors, Chinese netizens said that does not meet the thin face, high nose, white skin, double eyelids of the Oriental aesthetic standards, that the Marvel team “deliberately selected these people to discriminate against Chinese appearance”.

The first Marvel movie directed by an Asian woman, “The Eternals”, is directed by Zhao Ting, who just won the Oscar for Best Director for “Nomadland”. She was interviewed in the past and said that the China of her youth was “full of lies”, which drew criticism for “insulting China”.