How does the rogue behavior of littering space trash become?

China launched a rocket to start building a new space station, and the official media and the Chinese faction around the world are scrambling to boast that China has taken another big step forward in space technology, surpassing Britain and catching up with the United States. But China went so far as to let the rocket’s huge thrusters fall freely to Earth in an uncontrolled state after detaching from the main body. Due to its huge size, the booster will not be burned out and there will probably be debris hitting the ground, causing a worldwide outcry.

Letting the huge rocket thruster fall freely, it was not known until the last minute whether it would hit inhabited areas or even big cities. This was not an accident, but was within the overall launch plan, and China allowed the rocket booster to fall to the ground randomly, as happened last May. The surface is mostly ocean and uninhabited land, so the chance of casualties from burned debris hitting homes is low, but just because it’s low doesn’t mean precautions don’t need to be taken to avoid it. Many safety measures around the world, such as seat belts in cars and emergency power systems in nuclear power plants, are designed for situations with low chances of serious consequences if they do occur. China has been aggressively accelerating its space program in recent years, and if this is the case every time, it is only a matter of time before a wreckage leads to a major casualty.

Some say that the uncontrolled fall of a Chinese rocket booster is the result of China’s lack of technological sophistication. But to ensure that the thruster falls into the sea in a controlled manner, not to make it like a Space X rocket, like a remote-controlled helicopter, does not fall to a certain point slowly and impartially when it returns to the ground, and does not require a very high level of technology. China’s space exploration has gone to the point where it is ready to send a reconnaissance vehicle to Mars, and it is difficult to find people who believe that China does not have the technology to ensure that the thrusters fall into the sea.

China does not let its thrusters fall into the sea in a controlled manner just to save some complicated calculations and costs, and it has nothing to do with China’s technical capability. This is just like the unethical people who throw garbage or defecate anywhere just because they are too lazy to collect the garbage until they see the garbage cans or they can’t bear to find a bathroom before they solve the problem. China ignored it after shooting like this, which drew international public opinion condemnation. Hu Xijin of the Global Times, went so far as to say that countries criticized China only because they were jealous, and warned that China would launch rockets intensively into space.

It is not surprising that Chinese officials have shown no earthly virtue and a scoundrel’s face in this rocket chaos, and the same lack of virtue and scoundrel is evident in the global pandemic of 2020. When the epidemic first broke out in China, Taiwan took the lead in tightening controls on flights from China, and the Chinese government continued to deny that the epidemic had been transmitted. When the Chinese government could no longer hide the disease and imposed a ban on Wuhan and Hubei, and countries began to ban Chinese travelers in order to protect themselves, Chinese War Wolf officials went so far as to criticize these border management measures as discriminatory and xenophobic. The Chinese Communist media later spread the absurd false information that the virus originated in the United States. We are all familiar with how China’s officials presented the hoarding and overpricing of medical supplies during the epidemic as a good deed to save the world, and how the official media shamed countries that were devastated by the epidemic and had the audacity to tout their own achievements in fighting the epidemic.

A country whose economy has been growing at a high rate for many years, whose per capita income has reached the level of a medium developed country, whose economy is the second largest in the world, and which has become a major player in international politics, lacks even a basic sense of merit for the world and the earth, not to mention a sense of responsibility for the world and the earth, just like a billionaire who should feel very secure and confident and often does good deeds, but behaves like a small-minded, short-sighted rat and dog thief. It is very puzzling.

It is difficult to explain this discrepancy in status and behavior with general and meaningless notions such as “Chinese DNA” and “Chinese culture”. After all, this international behavior and attitude of China has not always been the case, but the richer it gets, the worse it gets. The crux of the problem is that a totalitarian government that is increasingly afraid of its people is constantly trying to preemptively blame the world for all of China’s problems, creating the impression that “the world wants me dead” every day. As long as China’s totalitarian system remains unchanged, no matter how much China develops and how much the world tolerates and respects China, this selfish and rogue behavior of the Chinese government will not change.