Leaders want to serve the people for life

Let me tell you a story about delayed retirement. n years ago, there were no computers and age management was rather chaotic. I knew a director, who was my leader’s leader. My leader is almost retired, but this director is getting younger and younger, once at dinner, the director said he was 55 years old. On the way back, my leader said, he 65 are almost, rely on a good seat do not want to get off, change the age several times. At that time I saw the Secretary a little old, the teeth are almost lost.

Previous leaders to change the age is very common, my later leaders will also change the age of the smaller. But ordinary workers and cadres generally do not change their age, and even if they do, it’s the other way around, changing their age to older.

Delayed retirement, in essence, has two major benefits. One is to allow ordinary people to work more and get less pension, the second is to allow leaders to stay in their positions for a long time, more benefit.

Why? Because the leaders in the position, can enjoy too many things. Once retired, it is almost the same as ordinary people, the have not. For example, the gripper warrior, he is strongly in favor of delayed retirement. Once he left the leadership position, there is no public money to travel around the world may be. And ordinary workers, cadres, in addition to that salary, unlike the leadership position can bring so many benefits, so they want to retire early.

The leaders are different, the realm is high, everyone wants to serve the people for life, everyone wants to bow and scrape in the seat.

@ShanghaiBeachLittleLawyer: I once chatted with a retired old leader of a state-owned enterprise, and the leader said to me that after retirement, I felt that it was difficult to go to many departments, and those departments were too bureaucratic, and there was no sense of serving the people.

I listened carefully to the old leader’s tirade, and generally understand, first of all, the old leader whether before or after retirement, to do those things are certainly allowed under the legal framework, there is no open back door situation.

But even so, when he was in power, those things can be entrusted to the company’s small Zhang Xiaoli to do, small Zhang Xiaoli do will eat a lot of closed doors, or less with this material, forget that material, to run several times to get things done.

But Zhang Xiaoli will not go and the leadership, mixed system understand, to report good news not worry, things are not done you are a 24K pure SB, in addition to scolding no benefit, Zhang Xiaoli are 985 high school students naturally understand this truth, and then make up their own materials, their own ideas, and then report back when things are done.

Of course, some things may need the old leader personally, that is also small Zhang Xiaoli all things are paved, the leader went over to sell a face to say a few words on the line, that the leader is feeling quite easy to do.

But after retirement, the situation immediately changed, the old leader no assistant around, some things still have to do themselves, the window says you go to make up a A material, in the past A material is small Zhang Xiaoli run dozens of kilometers to transfer the material out.

The old leader himself is certainly not willing to run dozens of kilometers will feel that you are not a system, can be completely their own online transfer to prove that your mother is your mother, why make it difficult for me an old man, too not to serve the people.

After a lot of such things, the old leader will raise flowers and dogs at home every day, because he can’t understand the world, think the world’s feedback system collapsed, only the feedback system of flowers and plants and the past, no matter what, the spring flowers will always bloom.