From the beginning to eat melon: “Hong Kong circle big sister” of the adoption rumors

In 1975, 18-year-old Zheng Yuling, because she saw a Chinese anchorwoman in the United States is very beautiful, applied for a university journalism department in the United States, the results, she really received an acceptance notice, but a little happy not up.

Because Zheng Yuling’s parents divorced at the age of 7, her mother raised her and her younger brother independently, it was hard to survive until she graduated from high school, and she was expected to earn money to support the family, so she applied to test their own level can, if you really want to study abroad, there is no money to pay tuition ……

It is because of the poor money, Zheng Yuling and the initial dream passed by. After a period of sulking, she plans to “save the country” and enroll in TVB’s artist training classes. She missed her dream once again because she missed the time ……

She thought about it, she had to find another way out, but unexpectedly on her way home, she was lucky enough to be hit by another opportunity.

In that year, Hong Kong Jia Yi TV station came out of nowhere and was recruiting people in the streets.

The 18-year-old Cheng Yu-Ling was hit by a flyer on the street, and was selected from 4,000 applicants.

The two beautiful girls are similar in age and appearance, but their experiences are very different.

Mi Xue is a child actress, from Shaw’s transfer to Jia TV, immediately on the leading role, starring in the first Jin Yong adaptation of the drama “The Legend of the Shooting Hero”, with the role of “Huang Rong” shocked Southeast Asia, the play received a soft hand.

The first time she was in the movie, she starred in the first Jin Yong adaptation of The Legend of the Shooting Hero.

In 1976, at the age of 19, Cheng Yu-ling was given the opportunity to host an entertainment program called “This Generation”, which fulfilled her initial dream of being an anchorwoman, and she was so happy that she cherished it and became the hardest working employee of the station.

The harder she worked, the luckier she was. Soon after, another opportunity came her way.


In 1978, Tsui Hark returned to Hong Kong from his studies in the United States, and his talent was revealed for a short time in TVB, and he was tapped by Chia-TV to direct and produce the TV series “The Golden Sword”.

This is Tsui Hark’s first time directing a martial arts drama, he was involved in the whole process, highly sophisticated, and the success or failure of the most important, is the casting of actors.

The 28-year-old Tsui Hark in the good view around, eyes locked on the 21-year-old Zheng Yuling, and then an inquiry, colleagues evaluation is very good. So a pat on the back, finalized by her to play the female lead.

Zheng Yuling has been with Jia Yi for 3 years, and in addition to hosting the show, she has also run some roadies. This time, finally lived up to the wait, got the “female lead” script. At that time, Tsui Hark also did not expect that his own golden hands a finger, and changed the fate of a person.

Subsequently, Zheng Yuling and Jia TV’s popular “one sister” Michelle, co-starring in the fashion drama “Celebrity Love Story”, a 100-episode production, the general public is not on the main seat.

The first female lead Zheng Yuling, fire, roll up your sleeves ready to do a big job. Unexpectedly, a bolt from the blue fell from the sky.

This year, Zheng Yuling starring in the “Golden Blade” has not yet finished broadcasting, “Celebrity Love History” has not yet shot half, but the money of the good TV, but already can not hold up.

Established 3 years ago, Jia TV, produced a large number of good classic drama series, could have and Li (ATV), wireless (TVB) tripod, but the results of too much force, due to depletion of funds, mismanagement, closed down.

A bright shooting star, just disappeared in the night sky. The tree fell, its artists choose to live in the wood, Cheng Yu Ling transferred to TVB.

TVB is full of talents, the big flowers and small girls are leading the way, Zhao Yazhi, Wang Ming Luan is being highly sought after, no popular base of Zheng Yuling, looks very inconspicuous, was again arranged to host the program.

At this time, accompanied by Zheng Yuling’s boyfriend, with the intention of marriage. Unexpectedly, once Zheng Yuling heard that she wanted to get married, she was so scared that she hurriedly proposed to break up.

Once, the parents’ divorce, poor childhood, on Zheng Yuling caused a profound impact, marriage does not give her a sense of security, childbirth more like a flood of beasts, men, no shortage of ……


The first time I saw the movie was in 1979, when 22-year-old Cheng Yu-ling got the nod from gold-medal screenwriter Timothy Lee to star in the TV series “Rainbow” with Liza Wang, Cheng Siu-chiu and Xie Xian, and her popularity skyrocketed.

In the same year, when she starred in the TV series “The Bride of the Passing Port”, she received special attention from her co-star, Kam Kwok Leung.

He was also the head of TVB’s television program department and was also responsible for the scriptwriting of the TV series.

The set breaks, Gan Guoliang like to say paragraphs, said a thief, the general response is not over.

But Zheng Yuling is not ordinary, her brain reacts quickly, laughing, but also with Gan Guoliang to interact. The two quickly and passionately fell in love.

In 1979, Chow Yun Fat, whose career was not yet on fire, was annoyed by the matter of relationships: his ex-girlfriend Miao Qianren dumped him, and his new boyfriend, who had switched from Xie Xian to a wealthy businessman, came to tangle with him again and played his lover in the play.

This drama is produced by Lee Tim Sing “people in the net”, Chow Yun Fat as the first male, and Miao Qianren and Zheng Yuling have emotional scenes. The original script, Zheng Yuling is a passing relationship, Zhou, Miao two lovers finally married.

The drama set 80 episodes, while filming, Zheng Yuling as a young lady, Miao Qianren as a rich businessman mistress.

When Miao Qianren got to the 8th episode, she discovered something and asked Timothy Lee with the script why the rich businessman’s role and the plot were the same as her real life, which were insinuations about herself, which was very unfriendly!

Li Tiansheng also think so, reassure her that change. But Miao Qianren may also be because of the past with Chow Yun Fat, and get extremely difficult to deal with, so what said refused to play again.

Timothy Lee had no choice but to rewrite the script himself, arranging the role of Miao Qianren died in a car accident, and at the request of the audience, Chow Yun Fat and Cheng Yu Ling developed into a couple.

The drama was a big hit, and the CP of Chow Yun Fat and Cheng Yu Ling was sought after. However, the two in reality, not at all the audience imagined that way.


Since “The Man in the Net”, Cheng Yu Ling and Chow Yun Fat continue to appear as a couple in dramas such as “Affection”, “Crocodile Pond” and “Fire Phoenix”, the on-screen CP, is deeply popular.

The first time I saw the movie was in 1980 when Chow Yun Fat became the dream man of millions of girls with his “Shanghai Tang”, and his “exclusive” love for Cheng Yu Ling made many girls’ fans jealous.

But the shoe does not fit, only you know. Chow Yun-Fat said Zheng Yuling is the smartest woman he has ever seen, but to pick a girlfriend, certainly not pick her.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Therefore, even if Zheng Yuling said “not Chow Yun Fat not married” words, no matter true or false, there is no chance of pinning.

What’s more, her real boyfriend at the time, Gan Guoliang, was still very infatuated with the look. However, when the two lived together for ten years, Gan Guoliang’s love look, really surprising.

In 1983, at the age of 26, Zheng Yuling, with a number of hit dramas, stood firm in TVB and became another ace pillar after Shen Tianxia and Liza Wang, affectionately called “Sister Du” by people in the circle.

With the name, but the lack of profit, TVB has always been low wages, want to make money to go to the film.

In the same year, Zheng Yuling began to venture into the big screen, starring in the film “Flower City”, again and Chow Yun Fat as a couple, but this time, the scale of the passionate scenes is very large, naked, close to the flesh.

This year, Chow Yun-Fat broke up with Chen Yu-Lian, and Yu An-An, Er Dongsheng’s ex-girlfriend, skipped the love link and went straight for a flash marriage. But he still had an unhappy life.

So there are rumors that Chow Yun Fat and Cheng Yu Ling have so much sympathy and fake love affair. Director Wang Jing, also thought the two were in a relationship ……

At the end of 1983, “Flower City” was released, and Cheng Yu Ling won the “Hong Kong Film Awards Best Newcomer Award” at the age of 26.

At the beginning of the next year, Chow Yun Fat and Yu On On ended their 9-month marriage. But Chow Yun Fat, who had been “punished for his impulsiveness”, said he would not marry again. Later, the scandal about him and Cheng Yu Ling, gradually died down.

Perhaps therefore, Chow Yun Fat became the “white moonlight” of Cheng Yu Ling’s heart, no one can replace, which caused a grudge between her and Chow Sing Chi.


It was also in 1983 that 21-year-old Chow Sing Chi graduated from the Wireless Artist Training Course and started his career as a dragon. He admired Chow Yun Fat’s big hit and regarded him as his idol.

It is said that Chow Sing Chi, who was still working as a drag queen, once met Cheng Yu Ling on the set and took the opportunity to talk to her, asking her jokingly if she would be popular, as popular as Chow Yun Fat one day?

When Zheng Yuling heard this, her heart was in her heart, her face was white, and she said very nonchalantly: You will not be popular, the roadie can never become the protagonist ……

The story has been circulated in the jungle in several versions, but no matter which version, they all describe Cheng Yu Ling as a high-minded and arrogant “bad woman”, to mock the tone of her arrogant words and actions back then.

Although Zheng Yuling has repeatedly clarified that she did not say this, it was someone who distorted the original words, adding oil and vinegar to fan the flames. But Cheng Yu-ling has always been a “mouthful”, and Liu Ka-ling was also taught that year.

In 1986, the 21-year-old Liu Jialing is in love with Xu Jinheng, to marry into the rich family under a lot of work, learning flower arrangement, learning cooking, learning etiquette …… time and thought are spent on the pending marriage (see the public number of the knife public selection: “Liu Jialing secret history”), shooting up the scene, like playing.

So, when she played the second female in the cast of “Rogue Tycoon”, and the first female, Zheng Yuling, the situation was frequent, often forgetting the words.

The first time the company was in the market, it was a very good idea to have a good time.

Look at the interview that Lau Kar-ling recalled afterwards, there is no resentment in the words, but a few thanks.

It can be seen that the words of Zheng Yuling at that time, although a few harsh, but also no brutal intention, not to mention the rumors of “slapped Liu Jialing” incident.

In the same year, the 29-year-old Cheng Yu-ling also worked with Lau Kar-ling’s future husband, Tony Leung, in the TV series “The Chronicles of the Dragon”, in which she played “Yin Susu”, was named “the most charming Yin Susu”.

The actress, who played her son Zhang Wuji, was 23 years old and in her prime, and was indecisive between her “Zhao Min” character, Lai Mei Xian, and Zeng Hua Qian, so I don’t know if she had been “coached” by Cheng Yu Ling.

In 1987, after her contract with TVB expired, she entered the film industry as a 30-year-old newcomer. Many actresses in this age group have disappeared from the big screen, married, changed careers, and even retired ……

A new rebirth leap requires guts. The guts Zheng Yuling apparently more than enough, can break into the big screen, how enough with guts alone.


The 80’s Hong Kong film beauty list, starry-eyed, Zheng Yuling is not beautiful, but her body is unique: both soft and feminine, but also a valiant and competent temperament, playing silly and ugly is not out of place.

In addition, she is dedicated to her work, dedicated, without idol baggage, full of expression, directors work with her with half the effort, a good reputation, the opportunities naturally flowed.

In 1988, Zheng Yuling entered the film industry with a lot of film contracts, all of which were elaborate collaborative films with famous directors and actors.

The characters in these films have different identities and personalities, all of which are interpreted by Zheng Yuling in a very subtle way. After the release of the film, it is also a series of good news.

She was nominated for the “Hong Kong Film Awards Queen” for her work with Lam Tze Cheung on “Three Men’s World”, and won the annual Hong Kong box office ranking for her work with Chow Yun Fat and Wong Pak Ming on “Eight Stars for a Happy Ending”.

These films, not lacking the support of the small flowers, such as Rosamund Kwan, Vivian Chow and Brigitte Wen, but are the configuration of the vase, against which the role of Zheng Yuling emotional outbursts, acting skills highlight.

The most talked about is her collaboration with Cherie Chung and Maggie Cheung on “The Moon, the Stars and the Sun”, where the three play three dancers in different situations, each with their own obscurity and brightness.

The role of Zheng Yuling’s old rival, played the most theatrical, but also the most reflect the worldly and righteousness of Hong Kong people. In the end, she won the “Golden Horse” award with “The Moon, the Stars and the Sun”.

From TV to film, she became the only representative of the acting industry in the banquet of the British Royal Family’s visit to Hong Kong.

However, when the awards and honors came, her ten-year cohabitation with Kam Kwok Leung also came to an end.

In 1989, when the news of the breakup between the 32-year-old Cheng Yu-Ling and Kam Kwok-Leung broke out, there was nothing new to people who were used to seeing separations and unions, except a cry of regret.

However, Gan Guoliang then issued a “same-sex declaration” and take practical action to show that he is true love for men …… this reversal, was the jianghu multiple interpretations, ten years of love play out, it was born out of this accident, as if a metaphysical film.

The two are rumored to be “sexless companions”, so when she left Gan Guoliang, the scandal came in a particularly fierce.


In 1990, Jackie Chan, a married actor, entered the international market by directing and starring in the action film “The Eagle Project”, in which he played “Eagle Jackie”, a smart and athletic man who attracted three beautiful women who were jealous of him.

One of them is the 33-year-old Cheng Yu Ling, who plays Jackie’s personal assistant in the film.

The film cost HK$115 million, known as the most expensive Hong Kong film of the year. In the money “nourishment”, Jackie Chan and Zheng Yuling in a foreign land, a scandal of a fake scene for real.

As flirtatious as Jackie Chan, the film was finished, the scandal was also a shot. The Eagle Project” was released in the same year and became the second highest annual box office in Hong Kong.

The following year, the 34-year-old Cheng Yu Ling finally with the film “Cousin, how are you! The next year, 34-year-old Cheng Yu-ling finally won the “Queen of the Golden Film Awards” with her film “Cousin, Hello! She played a hilarious and competent female public security officer, “Sister Cheng”, and was hailed as “the double jade wall of comedy in the history of Hong Kong films” together with Stephen Chow.

At this time, Zheng Yuling, with the Golden Horse, Golden Film “double queen” added, soaring aura high, soaring wealth. But she is in the matter of money, must be every cent.

It is rumored that when Zheng Yuling was filming for a director’s play, it was a big hit and her salary increased greatly. Later, the director of the sequel, after the killing, found that two scenes need to be shot, and only half a day’s work, but Zheng Yuling insisted on additional money before they would start work.

Talking about feelings hurts money, or talking about money is really. This principle, Zheng Yuling from childhood to adhere to.

At this time, Zheng Yuling, is a rich woman in the circle, daily saving and do not like to spend money, but so much money, someone has to spend it.

In 1992, at the age of 35, Cheng Yu-ling and Chow Yun-fat worked together again, playing a couple in the movie “I Love Twisted Firewood”. Chow Yun Fat has a loving wife, Chen Ailian, and can no longer rub shoulders with Cheng Yu Ling.

In the same year, Zheng Yuling was invited to the United States to attend an event and accidentally met the stage singer Lu Fang. The first time I saw him, I had a feeling. The first time I saw him, I realized that he was much taller than the other person.

The difference between the two is more than height. Lv Fang is 7 years younger than Zheng Yuling, the year they first met, Lv Fang’s songs are not yet famous, the play is not famous, compared to Zheng Yuling’s rising popularity, his sense of achievement is extremely weak.

But this gap again and again, again and again, did not cause destruction, the two still recklessly together. This is very unexpected. However, a bigger accident is still to come.


Heard that Zheng Yuling and Lu Fang in love, people are very surprised, the Hong Kong media to “long and short feet of love” to describe the pair, vaguely, also expressed the relationship is not good.

The result of this relationship is 16 years. 16 years, a lot of things happened.

In 1992, the year he fell in love with Zheng Yuling, his career dawned with “The Bent Moon”, and three years later, he sang “Don’t Cry, Friend”, which was a hit on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and his acting engagements were uninterrupted.

However, when everyone was counting on him to create another success, the luck was gone.

After his career stalled, Lv Fang moved to Zheng Yuling’s mansion without avoiding suspicion, and got drunk in the tender land, basking in the sweet life like glue.

He was labeled by the Hong Kong media as a “soft-hearted man” and was rumored to have been taken care of by Cheng Yu Ling.

But he has some special strength to maintain the decency of a big man in front of Zheng Yuling: in public, Zheng Yuling like a small woman behind him to follow out and in ……


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

In 1997, Lv Fang and Anita Mui former agent Wang Minhui, a traffic accident in the same car, after this difficulty, the two friendship heated up, out on the street night spread the scandal. But soon, was Zheng Yuling disinformation.

In 2000, at the age of 43, Cheng Yu Ling, with the TV series “male relatives love” won the “TVB queen”. The rumors of her love affair with Wong Tze Hwa were also a big deal.

The first time I saw her, she was the first person to be in the audience.

When the “Men Love Women” was closed, Wong Tze Wah shed male tears, Cheng Yu Ling was also very emotional, the first public tears, the scene was unstoppable. Tears, because of the parting, but also because of the deep friendship ah.

It is said that Huang Zihua’s real girlfriend at the time, but also because Zheng Yuling took drugs to suicide. But this time, the change to Lv Fang to support his girlfriend to disavow rumors.

In 2002, Lv Fang also attended the funeral of Zheng’s mother as his son-in-law. The two of them were then rumored to be close to each other. But, things are unpredictable and rumors are just rumors after all.


In 2008, Zheng Yuling, who declared that she would not get married and have no children, and Lv Fang’s world, became less magnetic and began to repel each other, to the point of “looking at each other with disgust”.

The last straw that crushed this relationship is said to be because Lv Fang concealed Zheng Yuling’s outside lover, and investment failure, so Zheng Yuling filled a lot of holes, the money spent very unhappy ……

What makes her even more upset is that after the breakup, Lv Fang soon found a rich new lover and also said in front of reporters, “The 16 years with Zheng Yuling is like being in jail.”

Zheng Yuling although generous response “it does not matter”, but the words, the bones through the heart, 16 years of love ah, love ah, not a trace of temperature ……

This year, Zheng Yuling 51 years old, life is still to work as the axis, to save investment as a closed loop. She has devoted herself more to her hosting career, having left behind such classic programs as “Cheng Yu-Ling Starry Night Devotion” and “A sum of OUT Dissipation”.

She worked hard to explore and try different challenges, and was also quite successful in the field of stage plays, modeling, and voice acting, plus she worked seriously, had a solid style, and was never late or absent, so she was well respected and became a well-known “big sister” in the Hong Kong circle.

As she grew older, Zheng Yuling had a new hobby and gradually became addicted to cosmetic surgery. She wanted to use the money to smooth out the signs of age and retain her fading face. As a result, it is the gossip about her plastic surgery failure, frequently on the hot search.

As the “queen of the movie” and “queen of the view” in the “big sister”, Zheng Yuling has cooperated with almost all the male gods in the Hong Kong circle, but there is still a lack of a male god around to protect her.

Sometimes, feelings are cheap and people are cold-hearted. The most important thing is that you can be sure that you will be able to get the most out of your money.