Zhou Hua Jian rare and American wife in the same frame 61-year-old wife hair gray

On May 10, a netizen exposed a photo of Zhou Hua Jian and his American wife in the same frame, 61-year-old wife Kang Cui Lan rare appearance, a rare appearance of her dress is very simple and virtuous, a solid-colored cotton linen material top, the use of loose version to modify the slightly fat body, the overall look is simple and comfortable. The most eye-catching thing is the ethnic style necklace, which creates a full ethnic feature. The white watch increases the texture and stimulates the ageing and fresh effect of denim blue, and the wedding ring shines, especially eye-catching.

As a big star’s wife, Kang Cui Lan is indeed casual and low-key, this body cotton linen material modeling almost no use of luxury texture accessories, and the same material effect with the necklace, to create a rich retired idyllic atmosphere. The rare appearance, even the mask is hanging directly on the elbow, dressed clean and fresh, very plain and elegant showing temperament. Last month just in Taipei concert Zhou Hua Jian, the state is still good, full of energy overall dress is also relatively fresh, wearing a sports wind top, white iterations of the Department to show the effect of ageing.

The same year and the same month and the same day as Zhou Hua Jian, she is only 61 years old, but it seems that the state of maintenance is far less than Zhou Hua Jian, the most easily exposed age is probably the nearly white hair, the forehead hair almost all white, but Kang Cui Lan does not seem to mind getting older, still deliberately reveal a clean forehead, exposing the hairline also looks very spiritual, and the serious skin around the eyes sagging problem is too exposed age. The black-framed glasses played a modifying role, and the literary model looked like a teacher, but with Zhou Hua Jian of the same age in the same frame looked like mother and son.

The last high-profile public appearance of Kang Cui Lan, probably 9 years ago, Zhou Hua Jian’s concert, when she was a mystery guest appearance, to support her husband’s concert, she rarely to exquisite image appearance, but fashion taste is not changed over the years, a blue ethnic style print look appeared, even the necklace, watch with details are almost the same.

But rare to exquisite makeup hairstyle debut, the entire European-style facial features of the exquisite sense to show, but she has been maintaining the housewife’s virtuous style, nearly vegan light makeup, focus on enhancing the bright white spirit of the skin, but instead show a good state, the overall or very star. Retro golden brown wavy hair, focus on creating a strong classical temperament, but also to modify the hairline problem, the bone problem of the face also made a modification, so that the line is more soft, temperament is also more gentle.

In fact, her features and temperament have typical American characteristics, but the body is obviously too bony, so that the overall emanation of temperament with a few cool feeling, partial ethnic style styling style, but also always through a plain and elegant low-key atmosphere.

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A family of four, the most public appearances or son Zhou Houan, before he had many times and the old father together behind, let people be surprised that, as a young man after 90, he really is too obvious age sense. A change in the previous American fresh meat look, surprisingly long hair and beard, the entire eye wrinkles are also very obvious, and the old father in the same frame look like brothers, not at all like the difference between 30-year-old father and son.

Now Zhou Houan has officially debuted at the age of 30, low-key began the development of the road in the entertainment industry, and a debut on the route of multi-dimensional development, in addition to participate in film and television shooting, attending fashion events, he also partnered with Wu Tsung-hsien’s daughter Wu Shanru to do children’s programs, because of the multiplicity of identities, styling style naturally changed, after shaving off the beard, Zhou Houan again took the fresh meat route, a blue After shaving off the beard, Zhou Houan once again took the fresh meat route, a blue shirt shape finally beautiful up, the overall image changes too much.