Zheng Xinyi 34th birthday, a year after the inheritance of millions of good mood, accompanied by Shen Tianxia friends

On May 12, the famous manager Chen Shufen posted a group of party photos on her personal social account and left a message wishing Zheng Xinyi a happy 34th birthday.

The company’s newest song is a 3D birthday cake, wishing her a happy birthday and a big hit with her new song.

Zheng Xinyi also has a message, she thanked Chen Shufen and others for the surprise they created.

The photo was revealed, in addition to Chen Shufen, Zheng Xin Yi, and Chen Shufen’s son, Chen Jiahao, and “insurance king” Lian Yanhui.

The “birthday girl” Zheng Xinyi wearing a blue top, a blonde hair casually draped, dressed generously and decently. The company has been very fat body, this time through a special weight loss method to slim down, the body does not seem to be bloated before.

Last month, Zheng Xinyi suffered from acute appendicitis, severe pain in the lower abdomen and had to be urgently admitted to the hospital for surgery. At that time, she was surrounded by no relatives except friends to take care of her, quite poor.

After a month, she is in good spirits, her face is very rosy, I believe she has recovered from the disease. Unfortunately, her father, Cheng Shaoqiu, still did not show up to celebrate her birthday.

Fortunately, there were still many people celebrating her birthday. She was in a great mood, smiling for the camera with a mouthful of big white teeth, and couldn’t help but raise her thumb than praise.

The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the company’s business.

The fact is that Chen Shufen and “fat sister” Shen Dianxia is a good friend for many years. The two families were very close to each other when Fatty was around, and Chen Shufen’s son, Chen Jiahao, grew up with Cynthia Cheng, so he was a childhood friend.

It is reported that when Fatty died, her afterlife was taken care of with the help of Suffragette Chan.

The company was set up by the company’s director, who wanted her to take good care of her.

Although she finally left the company and went out on her own, she still maintains a good relationship with Sara Chan and Chan Ka Ho and often gets together for meals and chats.

Last year, when she joined Lam Kin Ngok’s entertainment company, Chan also showed up to support her and told her new manager, Samantha Lam, to take good care of her.

The company’s new manager, Samantha Lam, took good care of her daughter.

The company’s new manager, Samantha Lam, has also been asked to take care of her daughter, who is 35 years old, before she can inherit $60 million.