Taiwan media exposure Fukuhara Ai information has read not back suspected of delaying divorce processing property

Taiwan media broke the news on the 12th that the main reason for the deterioration of the relationship between Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie, in fact, Jiang Hongjie hopes that Ai Fukuhara can return to Taiwan, the couple to sit down properly to negotiate, Ai Fukuhara since January this year back to Japan, so far it has been 5 months, the couple’s relationship has fallen to a freezing point, Jiang Hongjie party hopes to face to face to deal with things to the satisfaction of both sides, there may be room for a good get-together later, the result is contrary to expectations, the couple only through the video Communication, but there is no intercourse to speak of, when Fukuhara Ai returned to Taiwan, is still unknown.

At the same time, the media also pointed out that the original positive to divorce Ai Fukuhara, in Jiang Hongjie formal legal proceedings, her attitude has become negative, the exposure of Fukuhara Ai has read not to return, and to talk about him, and therefore, Fukuhara Ai was said to be in the delay.

However, this also points out that I am afraid that when they agreed to divorce, Fukuhara Ai has been quietly dealing with her property placed in Japan, Jiang Hongjie may not be too clear, according to Japanese media reports, Fukuhara Ai has moved out of Tokyo residence, and even intends to sell the house, plus she did not come back to Taiwan to suffer from people pointing fingers, why not stay in Japan for a long time, figure a clean. According to various projections and estimates of the Japanese network, such as Fukuhara Ai, a star player from childhood, the current period of service can be worth more than 100 million yen, equivalent to nearly 10 million yuan.

Not only that, Jiang Hongjie and Fu Yuan Ai marriage hit the rocks, although he held his composure but also can not hide the despondency, was exposed in the program recording site crying, all this in the eyes of Fu Yuan Ai, but is considered a deliberate operation of the Taiwan staff to create Jiang Hongjie very poor, sympathetic look, this one idea, point out the strong side of Fu Yuan Ai, she blamed the Taiwan staff bias, while taking the epidemic as Reasonable reasons, continue to nest in Japan, do not want to return to Taiwan to deal with their own stirred up a very large basket.