Anhui Liuan patients tested positive hospital has been completely closed doctors can not get out

On May 13, there was a positive nucleic acid test for a patient attending the hospital in Lu’an, Anhui Province.

The health committee of Yu’an District, Lu’an City, Anhui Province, issued a notification on May 13, saying that in the early hours of today (13), a case was found to be positive in the nucleic acid test conducted by the Liuan Shili Hospital for patients attending the hospital. The notification said that the results of the review and the diagnosis of the expert consultation are currently pending.

As the authorities have not yet announced the patient’s track, it has sparked debate among mainland netizens.

The reporter called the hospital’s emergency center at 5 p.m., and a doctor confirmed that the hospital was completely closed and they could not get out. The doctor said that if they could get into the hospital, they would see the patient. The reporter consulted the details of his unwillingness to say more, only to say that the morning to work, do not know what happened, and now did not go back from work.

A staff member of the outpatient department of Liuan Shili Hospital also told the “New Beijing News” that the patient’s final test results are not yet available, and is waiting for the results of the CDC and other departments, do not go to the hospital today.

The “aiy’s clown” in Lu’an said, “In my neighborhood, the hospital is closed in the morning.”

Other netizens said, “Native cases?” “I’m afraid to go out at school.” “The suspected patients’ neighborhoods and workplaces have begun to decontaminate and isolate close contacts.” “It’s a little scary.” “Boiling a day, a variety of friends, the group of big small news.” “Publish the action track as soon as possible.”