Fox Celebrity on Rising Fuel and Commodity Prices Not a Natural Cycle, but a Deliberate Design

The Breitbart News reported Wednesday, May 12, that Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighed in on price increases throughout the Biden administration’s economy. Carlson speculated that inflation is largely related to and Biden’s economic policies and flooding the U.S. economy with federal funds.

Carlson described the Biden administration’s massive spending of federal funds and printing of money, culminating in a terrible inflation, with corn prices having risen 50 percent since January.

Carlson went on to say, “The average price of gasoline in California is currently over $4 per gallon, compared to $2.70 1 year ago. Gasoline in Illinois is $3.20/gallon; $2.10 last year. Gasoline in Texas is $2.70/gallon, compared to $1.50 last year. By analogy, across the U.S., people are paying $45 billion more on gasoline overall than they did last year. Why is that? None other than the result of the Biden administration’s Green New Deal. “

A recent study by shows that the average price of lumber is now 280% higher than it was before the epidemic. What is this all about?

Are there fewer spruce trees than there were a year ago? Or are spruce trees growing slower than they used to? Or is there a 280% increase in the number of new homes being built? Neither.

The real answer, according to Carlson, “is that bad federal policy has distorted the prices of all commodities in the United States. Therefore, this is not a natural cycle; it was deliberately engineered for us. “