Jilin hospital director was reported to develop a female discipline inspection secretary into a lover

Zhao Jinyu (right), director of the fourth hospital in Siping, Jilin Province, was reported to have developed a female disciplinary committee secretary, Li Yunxin (left), into a lover. (composite photo)

The Chinese Communist Party’s official circles are full of despicable things. According to official media reports, the director of a hospital in Jilin was reported a few years ago, but as a result, he developed a female discipline inspection secretary into a lover and paid her monthly living expenses. The woman secretary and other mistress jealousy was beaten, the dean and spent 300,000 yuan to appease. The two have now both fallen from grace.

According to a comprehensive mainland media report, in May 2013, Zhao Jinyu, director of the fourth hospital in Siping, Jilin Province, was reported, and Li Yunxin, secretary of the discipline inspection committee of the city’s Health and Planning Commission, approached Zhao Jinyu for a talk and treated him lightly.

Zhao Jinyu sent 150,000 RMB to thank Li Yunxin. Li later confessed to the discipline inspection department, “150,000 yuan are 100 yuan denomination of RMB, in a dark cloth bag.

After climbing on Li Yunxin, Zhao Jinyu bought her an Omega watch and gave her 150,000 cash to buy a house. The new house renovation, Zhao Jin Yu not only bought the decoration materials for Li, and take out 65,000 yuan, the two gradually developed into a lover’s relationship. That year, Li Yunxin was 44 years old and Zhao Jinyu was 51.

After becoming lovers, Zhao Jinyu began to give Li Yunxin monthly living expenses, initially 10,000 yuan per month, later reduced to 6,000 yuan. Over the years, Zhao Jinyu paid as much as 260,000 yuan in living expenses.

In August 2014, Zhao Jinyu spent 135,000 yuan to buy Li Yunxin a Honda Jed car. According to Li Yunxin’s testimony, “Zhao Jinyu would give my son and mother some money every year for the holidays, which could amount to about 20,000 yuan in total.”

However, Zhao Jinyu’s mistress is not the only one Li Yunxin, Li Yunxin found Zhao Jinyu stepped on several boats, and Zhao Jinyu’s new love jealousy, the result was beaten. In order to appease Li Yunxin, Zhao Jinyu gave her 300,000 yuan as compensation.

In her confession, Zhao Jinyu described, “Li Yunxin suspected that I had an affair with Gao, who beat Li Yunxin up, and I gave Li Yunxin 300,000 yuan in compensation.”

Li Yunxin fell on March 7, 2017, by which time she had been transferred to the Civil Affairs Bureau of Siping City.

In May 2017, the Siping Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection opened a case against Zhao Jinyu for serious disciplinary violations. Zhao Jinyu and Li Yunxin were both double-opened and transferred to justice.

According to the WeChat public number “Guanhai Jiefang” reported on February 1, 2018, on December 26, 2017, Zhao Jinyu was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison by the Gongzhuling Municipal Court in the first instance for accepting 2.72 million bribes and offering bribes of more than 240,000 yuan. However, there are no reports of Li Yunxin’s public verdict yet.

The verdict shows that Zhao Jinyu accepted 2.72 million yuan from pharmaceutical representatives and sought benefits for others in the procurement of drugs, medical devices and money back to others. The money was the source of Zhao Jinyu’s bribes to Li Yunxin.