Low-profile Biden’s attempt to take control of the situation has been called “Carter 2.0” and a “terrible risk.”

Several U.S. media outlets reported on May 12 that Biden wants to appear competent, yet his destructive and incompetent policies, which have put the United States in Carter 2.0, are “a terrible adventure.

Before Biden entered the White House, the Breitbart News wrote, peace was breaking out across the Middle East, Russian adventurism in Ukraine was being contained, the domestic economy was poised to boom, gas prices were reasonable, there were no inflation concerns, and a million people were getting vaccinated every day.

When Biden came to power, he adopted a low-key strategy to convince the public that he was competent and that everything was under control, when the exact opposite was true.

Citing the consequences of a range of Biden’s policies from domestic to foreign affairs, Breitbart News argues that Biden is a version of Jimmy Carter 2.0 that cannot be denied.

Biden launched a war on cheap energy that has driven up energy prices, and once summer arrives, energy prices will be even higher. Overnight pipeline shutdowns have transformed the U.S. from an energy exporter to one facing energy shortages, with long lines at U.S. gas stations or running dry, the first energy panic since Carter left office. The latest news is that the consumer price index climbed at an annual rate of 4.2 percent in April, the biggest increase since 2008.

When Carter was in office, the Russians invaded Afghanistan; when Biden took office, Putin started threatening Ukraine in a way that hasn’t been seen since Obama’s presidency.

When Trump left office, peace was breaking out across the Middle East, with one peace treaty after another. But Iranian appeaser Biden came to power and started anti-Israel, and as a result, peace broke out all over the Middle East and turned into war breaking out all over the Middle East.

President Trump ensured that the United States received a vaccine for the Chinese Communist virus coronavirus in record time, setting up a program to ensure that one million people are vaccinated every day. Most importantly, Trump made a gesture that was telling the American people that the vaccine was safe and that the president was determined to get us back to normal. Biden is also fully vaccinated, but he wears a mask when he interacts with people who have been vaccinated, and as a result, millions of Americans see no reason to get vaccinated.

The explosion of violent crime began under Trump, yet at least Trump is the anti-violent crime president. When Biden took office, however, he continued to appease and support Black Lives Matter and Antifa, continued to denigrate the police, and was trying to disarm law-abiding Americans. There have been mass shootings under the Biden regime.

Before Biden came to power, the overall U.S. economy was on the verge of a massive recovery, GDP growth, and normalcy was returning. After Biden took office, however, with constant threats of higher taxes and regulations, the end of affordable energy and frenzied spending, America is back in the doldrums.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, on Wednesday’s episode of “The Five,” also cited a number of these problems and criticized the Biden administration for bringing about the “unmitigated disaster” of the 1970s. Gutfeld argued that if the administration were a time-travel movie, the Biden administration’s performance could be called ‘Joe And Kamala’s Awful Adventure.