Hong Kong’s National Security Division Director Choi Chin-pang patronizes unlicensed massage parlors on leave under investigation

A number of Hong Kong media Wednesday (12) early morning cited the news that the newly established Hong Kong Police Force National Security Division last year, a scandal. It is understood that the first Commissioner Choi Chin-pang earlier patronized unlicensed massage parlors, met with fellow officers to check the license, just Choi is in the store massage, the police force senior know the incident after the disciplinary investigation. Sources said that Cai has been on leave for nearly a month and under investigation.

In response to our inquiry, the police said they are investigating an allegation of misconduct involving police officers, the officers involved are now on leave to undergo investigation, stressing that they attach great importance to the integrity of police officers, and will certainly be in accordance with the established mechanism to make a fair and impartial investigation and follow-up.

Cai Zhanpeng for the first Director of the National Security Division was established last year, also serving as the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, is considered the next Commissioner of Police successor candidates. In January, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned six Hong Kong and Chinese officials for undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy, of which Tsoi was one.

He was promoted to Senior Superintendent in 2014 and served as a unit commander in the Security Wing, specializing in intelligence operations, investigations, analysis and liaison work related to security matters. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and two master’s degrees in human rights law and public policy and management.