The “vulgar wiki case” cow mother search evidence after the threat of public security to the door

“On the eve of Mother’s Day, Niu Tengyu’s mother, who visited the hospital and detention center where her son was treated to gather evidence that he had been tortured, was threatened with reprisals by public security officials and the Internet was cut off. On the other hand, the Guangdong authorities pressured the defense lawyers of the first trial to hand over all the files, with the intention of preventing them from finding evidence of wrongdoing.

Coco, the mother of Niu Tengyu, the main culprit in the “Vicious Wiki” case, visited the Luocun Hospital in Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, and the double-custodial site where her son was detained last week, according to the dossier. At 8 a.m. Wednesday (12), a number of people claiming to be police officers from the district police station arrived, and a female public security officer asked Coco to open the door, but she refused.

The female police officer knocked sharply on the door and said: the police station, the visit, open the door, can you open it? Cooperate a little, you see you do not open the door is not the way, is not it? You see you do not open the door, or you go to the police station tomorrow to find us, it says Yixin police station, Ren Zhitao Ren police officer ah, and then left his contact information, and then you call him, you see your convenience to come to the police station is okay, and then we registered the information.

In the previous night (11), Coco’s home network has been cut off. The VPN that a friend had set up for her was also technically restricted. The police officer left a note for Coco, who was worried about her safety.

The reporter found that the police officer mentioned Ren Zhitao, a police officer of Yixin police station. The 110 Center of Shanyang Public Security Bureau in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, told the station that they had asked Coco to help investigate a case.

Shanyang Public Security Bureau said: Ren Zhitao is our civilian police, we do have a matter to home to find a person, not your business, our side can not inform you, Chinese citizens are obliged to cooperate with the civilian police investigation.

But the station again and Ren Zhitao contact, he said that all do not know, he is only cocoa in the precinct of the police, is “above” someone to request the police station in accordance with the instructions to act. He did not tell the reporter “above” from where?

Ren Zhitao said: leave my phone? I did not find her ah! Where is Niu Teng Yu’s mother? I did not go, did not see her ah! The people in my unit are looking for her, she lives in my district, “the above, the people above” let me cooperate to see her, but did not see.

When we contacted Coco again, she suspected that her unannounced visit to the Luocun hospital had led to evidence of torture, which made the authorities fearful that the truth would come out.

The last time they came to arrest Niu Tengyu, they lied and said we are from the property, you should cooperate with them, and they sounded very nice. My network could not go on yesterday, absolutely they gave me a break. I think on a Luo village, it harmed the fear, this evidence of torture it is afraid of the world to know.

Zhang Qinrui, who was sentenced to five years in prison in this case, his father revealed to this station that a few days ago, the authorities asked a number of first-instance defense lawyers in this case to turn in their files, suspecting that the authorities are concerned about lawyers or the media to find fault with them, and thus attempt to collect evidence.

Zhang Qinrui’s father said: “We informed the lawyers that all the case files were to be handed in. Obviously this is persecution, (I) am very angry and furious. I always talk about human rights and the rule of law, but how come I can’t see human rights and the rule of law? Can I be convinced? I will definitely insist on the end, I have to go on with the procedure.

Wang Yu, one of the defense lawyers in the “Vicious Wiki” case, believes that the public security officers threatened citizens at will without any legal procedures, which is suspected of abusing power and breaking the law; while the judicial department collected the lawyers’ case files, which is also an illegal act.

Wang Yu said: the police knocked on the door, you do not have the appropriate legal documents, and then you go to knock on the door, you are harassment, this is certainly the abuse of police power, suspected of illegal; lawyers acting on behalf of the case, the case file needs to be filed in the law firm, never heard of the case after the case, said the case file to be submitted, which is completely illegal.

Chen Jiangang, a 709 defense lawyer living in the United States, said that Niu Tengyu is a case of injustice concocted by the authorities, and the Chinese Communist Party will suppress the family’s cry for justice. He said the family can only suffer in silence, and if they cry out for their son’s injustice, as Niu Tengyu’s mother did, they will face an iron fist to pursue the case, with no personal safety.

The “Vulgar Wiki” case, which has attracted international attention, involved the leaking of personal information of Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze and brother-in-law Deng Jiagui. 24 members of the “Vulgar Wiki” website in mainland China became scapegoats and were detained under torture to extract confessions.

The 24 young people were sentenced at the end of last year. One of them, 20-year-old Niu Tengyu, a member of the “Vulgar Wiki” operation and maintenance team, was accused of being the main culprit and was sentenced to 14 years and a fine of 130,000 yuan. The case was adjudicated in secret on the 23rd of last month, and the original verdict was upheld.

Niu Tengyu’s mother, who has been fighting for her son, has met with nine embassy human rights officials in China to complain about her grievances.