Learn time management from the Jews

The concept of “time is money, efficiency is life” has long been deeply rooted in people’s minds, and for business managers, good time management and improved management efficiency means not only improving internal economic interests, but also strengthening the external competitive strength of enterprises. Practice has proved that, whether enterprises or institutions, the following methods will help you to improve management efficiency.

Setting dedicated time (Dictator time)

Dictator” means “dedicated time” in English. Jews, who have long controlled the world economy, used to designate an hour after work as “Dictator time”, during which they had to respond to all letters, faxes, e-mails, etc. received between the end of yesterday’s work and today’s work, type them up on the computer and send them out, or respond to them by telephone. The phrase “diktat time” now means “no guests” among Jews. Jews focus on “diktat time” because in the heat of business, they work under the motto “solve it now”. On the desks of highly competent Jews, there is no “pending paperwork” to be seen.

Focus on the 80% of tasks that matter most

“American money is in the pockets of Jews”. Why? The way they survive and thrive is to always adhere to the Jewish law of business – 80% of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of its customers. Should be used in the most effective place, the so-called “good steel on the edge of the knife”. American entrepreneur William Muir earned only $160 in his first month of selling paint for Glidden. After that, he studied the Jewish law of business and analyzed his sales charts and found that 80% of his earnings did come from 20% of his customers, but he used to spend the same amount of time on all of them – that was the main reason for his past This was the main reason for his past failures. So he asked that his 36 least active accounts be reassigned to other salespeople, while he focused his efforts on his most promising accounts. Before long, he was making $1,000 a month. Muir learned the Jewish two-eight method of doing business and never abandoned it for nine consecutive years, which eventually led him to become the chairman of Kelly-Moore Painting Company.

Limit phone calls/networking

Although the telephone in the management of its increasingly important role, but as a double-edged sword, she is a major reason for wasting the time of managers, because the telephone can interrupt the work in hand and the idea, and the bad will appear “phone porridge” phenomenon. With an hour to focus on things, than to spend two hours and be interrupted for 10 minutes, 20 minutes of efficiency. So what are the ways to prevent phone interruptions? One is to analyze the phone calls to you, to determine what methods to take to reduce those simply unnecessary calls; two is to use the appropriate return approach; three is to use a sincere tone of voice to answer the phone first, to avoid small talk; four is to let others know what time to call for you.

Learn to authorize

Delegation of authority means that the manager, according to the principle of function, grants subordinates certain powers and entrusts them to handle the work within a certain authority and take the initiative to complete the task, so as to free themselves from the pile of affairs and concentrate on more important matters and solve more urgent problems. In the authorization, the following principles should be implemented: first, the principle of authorization depending on the ability, do not authorize to the incompetent and only know blindly follow the “honest people”; second, the principle of using people without doubt, the leader should do not doubt the use of people, suspicious people do not use; third, the principle of routine norms, leadership work can be divided into routine, normative principles of work and exceptions, non-normative Work, authorization to deal with the former is mainly wide and large; fourth is the principle of authorization at each level, the authorization of the higher levels, will certainly disrupt the normal work order, not only can not save time, but also to produce internal consumption, empty time.

Reduce meeting time

In order to save meeting time, the measures and effective methods should be taken are

Prepare well before the meeting, do not open purposeless, meaningless or unclear topics of “confusion will”.

Contact with the actual, problem-solving, not to open the sounding board type “Ben Ben will”.

Weighing priorities, grasping the focus, and not holding “tug-of-war meetings”.

To give full play to democracy, to draw on collective wisdom, and not to hold paternalistic “meetings”.

To pay attention to practicality, not to open a “report”, two “supplement”, three “emphasis”, four “statement”, five “summary” type of “report”. “summary” type “eight-unit meeting”.

Not to open the meeting at seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock leaders to make a report of the “late meeting”.

Not to open the “sit with the meeting” of people who have nothing to do with the topic.

Not to open a meeting called, in fact, for the “tourism will”.

In short, to do can be open or not open the meeting will not open, can open a short meeting will not open a long meeting, can open a small meeting will not open the General Assembly, can merge open not open alone, can stand open not sit open.