If you had known, how would you have chosen

God put two flocks of sheep on the grassland, one in the south and one in the north. God also found two kinds of natural enemies for the flock, a lion and a wolf.

God said to the flock, “If you want wolves, give one and let it bite you as it pleases. If you want a lion, give two, and you can choose one of the two lions, and you can change them at any time.” The sheep in the south thought, “The lion is much fiercer than the wolf, and it is better to have the wolf. So they asked for a wolf. The sheep in the north thought, “Although the lion is much fiercer than the wolf, we have the right to choose, so we want the lion. So they asked for two lions.

After the wolf entered the sheep in the south, it began to eat the sheep. The wolf’s body was small and its food quantity was also small, and one sheep was enough for it to eat for several days. In this way the sheep were chased and killed only once in a few days. The group of sheep to the north selected a lion, and the other one stayed with God. This lion entered the flock and began to eat the sheep as well. Not only was the lion fiercer than the wolf, but he also ate an incredible amount of food and ate a sheep every day. In this way the sheep were hunted down and killed every day with great fear. The flock hurriedly asked God to change a lion. Unexpectedly, the lion in God’s custody had not been eating and was starving, and it pounced into the flock, biting more wildly than the lion in front of it. The sheep were just running for their lives all day long, and even the grass was almost uneatable.

The sheep in the south were glad they had chosen the right natural enemy, and laughed at the sheep in the north for their lack of vision. The northern flock regretted very much and poured out their grievances to God, asking for a new natural enemy and a wolf instead. God said, “Once the natural enemy is determined, it cannot be changed, and must be followed from generation to generation; your only right is to choose between the two lions.”

The flock in the north had to change the two lions constantly. But the two lions are equally ferocious, which one is much more miserable than the southern flock, they simply do not change, so that one lion eat fat and strong, the other lion is hungry and thin. See the thin lion is about to die of hunger, the flock asked God to change a head.

The thin lion after a long period of hunger, slowly realized a truth: Although they are fierce, a hundred sheep are not opponents, but their own fate is manipulated in the hands of the sheep. Sheep can always send themselves back to God, so that they suffer from hunger, and may even starve to death. After understanding this reasoning, the thin lion is especially polite to the sheep, only eat dead and sick sheep, all healthy sheep it does not eat. The flock was overjoyed, a few small sheep proposed to simply fix the thin lion, not the fat lion. An old sheep reminded: “thin lion is afraid that we send it back to God to starve, so good to us. In case the fat lion starves to death, we have no choice, the thin lion will soon resume its ferocious nature.” Sheep feel that the old sheep have a point, in order not to let the other lion starve to death, they hurried to change it back.

The original fat body of the lion, has been starved only skin and bones, and also understand their fate is manipulated in the hands of the sheep. In order to stay in the grassland for a longer time, it even try to please the sheep. And the lion, who was sent to God, was so sad that he shed tears.

The sheep in the north finally lived a free life after going through a lot of hardships. The situation of the sheep in the south was getting more and more miserable. The wolf, because there was no competitor and the sheep could not replace it, acted arbitrarily and bit dozens of sheep to death every day. It also forbids the sheep to call, and immediately bites and kills which one. The sheep in the south could only lament in their hearts, “If I had known this, I might as well have asked for two lions.”