Taiwan should pay tribute to Australia

When the neighboring countries of the Chinese Communist Party fear the Lao Communist Party, Australia has been more than brave, not only supporting Taiwan, but also making the clearest statement among the Western democracies that Australia will lend a helping hand if Taiwan is violated, using words and phrases that are more straightforward than Japan’s, proving that Australia’s insistence on right and wrong trumps its own commercial interests. But Australia deserves the admiration of the Taiwanese.

Since the outbreak of the plague in Wuhan, Australia was the first country to demand an independent investigation into the source of the virus, thus offending the Chinese Communist Party, and a trade war broke out between the two countries. The Chinese Communist Party thought it had long infiltrated the Australian political scene and had taken control of Australia, and began to impose sanctions on Australia’s imports of Chinese bulk goods. Growth, now, Australia has become the Chinese Communist Party in the Western Pacific red expansion, the biggest obstacle.

At present, the Communist Party of China is building a military airport in Kiribati at the doorstep of Australia, which endangers Australia’s national security, and China and Australia have stopped all strategic dialogues.

It is clear that Prime Minister Morrison’s hard-line attitude toward the Chinese Communist Party has caused tensions among the pro-China faction in Australian politics, especially former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is known as the “panda-embracing faction”. It was only one day after the New York Times published an article criticizing Biden for supporting Taiwan, which shows that the media and the Internet battlefield are still the main battlefield of the old Communist Party.

Rudd is responsible for the red infiltration of Australia

Qiu Zhiliang once analyzed the reasons for Rudd’s move towards “embracing the panda faction”, saying: “Rudd knows Chinese well, he used to study Chinese in Taiwan, he considers himself to be a Chinese intellectual, later he was the chairman of the Labor Party, the foreign minister, and an economic realist”. In the 2007 Australian election, Rudd took power with the support of the Communist Party of China. In 2013, Rudd became Prime Minister for the second time, opening the way for the Communist Party of China to buy mines in Australia, and Australia became more open to China, with Chinese immigrants pouring in.

If the red infiltration in Taiwan ranks the most serious area, then Australia should be the second most serious area.

Before the Wuhan plague, the Australian scholar Hamill attempted to publish “The Invisible War”, describing the infiltration of the old Communist Party into Western countries. When the book was published, it was boycotted by the publishing circle, which shows that the old Communist forces have controlled the speech in Australia, making these publishers self-censor. It is even more common to see young pinkies who support the old Communist Party, often forcefully destroying the democratic and free multiculturalism in the campus.

Today, all Western politicians, faced with the issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty, mostly remain silent or sneak by in cryptic terms. Only Kevin Rudd explicitly says: “Oppose Taiwan’s independence and agree that there is only one China”.

When the plague broke out in Wuhan, China was accused of being responsible for the spread of the virus, but the old Communist Party responded with a more forceful dumping of the pot, which caused the world to surround China, and Australia also awakened from the red infiltration and stepped up to the ranks of anti-China.

Taiwan’s virtue is not alone, there must be neighbors, for Australia to support Taiwan’s righteous act, Taiwan people should give salute to the right.