Those days of staying in a major high school

When I was in high school, a student in our school’s junior high school jumped to her death. We just heard about it from our classmates that day, but it was not reported in any news, and I still don’t know what the cause of that girl’s death was. All reports were squashed by the school. The reason for the light death was said to be related to the family as well as the teacher.

It is not surprising that there are light thoughts in this school. Our high school is one of the best in our province, but the pressure on students is very, very high, and even some of the teachers humiliate them from time to time. I enrolled in this school and was personally persuaded by the principal to stay, and my senior class teacher seemed to have high hopes for me. But I didn’t like studying at that time, and my grades were very poor, ranking at the bottom of the grade. But it’s just a bad grade.

As a result, one day at the class meeting, the class teacher suddenly asked me to stand at the back of the classroom, scolded me head to head, there is a sentence I still can not forget: “You such people out of society is also a scourge.” I don’t shed tears, but at that time, I took a book to cover the upper half of my face, holding my voice and crying for a long time. This statement is really a great stimulus for a senior student. I am considered a person with strong mental capacity, although the psychological fluctuations at that time, but still endured. Later my grades picked up, with her stimulating me. But I never felt that personality-shaming mental stimulation was a good way to go, when she clearly had a better way.

I was lucky, but some of my classmates were not. Some were depressed and suspended from school, others had their grades fall off, and still others were left with lingering shadows from some of the humiliation and oppression. I’m sure no one who has spent time in certain key high schools would find these to be unusual.

But the logic of these schools has never been that one will make a difference. They make competition classes and urge a large number of students to study only for the competition and not for the entrance exams, and will even use some deceptive words to make you stay. Anyway, the more people in the competition class pile up, the easier it is to come out of the gold medal, the easier it is to come out of Peking University and Tsinghua. As for those students who lost the competition, “You were the one who wanted to stay in the competition class in the first place, or I would have shown you the agreement?” They engage in fatigue warfare, all the evening study until 23:30, those who can not stand the body of students to find their own way, anyway, there are always people who can hold up, hold up the people can produce good results on the line.

The scolding is the same. After all, the majority of people who can not bear the humiliation is a minority, the vast majority of people were beaten, scolded and insulted, will not be able to make the social news, “at most” is the psychological can not bear it. And there are always people who, after being scolded, “get better” and have good results. They say, “See, scolding works.

This kind of logic makes schools never reflect on their own problems. When they are oppressed and humiliated, they take it lightly, “It’s the student’s own fault that they can’t handle it mentally”. They try to cover up the truth and conceal the cases of light-heartedness, not only for the “reputation” of the school. They are also afraid that if there is too much public outcry, they will be pressured to make some changes, to change the previous management measures that are less complicated and seem to work a little, but are extremely irresponsible to many students. Anyway, my high school, after the incident I mentioned at the beginning, did not change a bit, and even became increasingly harsh.

In Diary of a Madman, it is written that they were a bunch of people who wanted to eat people and were sneaky and thought of ways to cover up and didn’t dare to do it straight away. What a monumental piece of work.

(Today I’ve been following that high school in Chengdu, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened in high school. Now that the results there are not yet out, I dare not say that there must be a relationship with the teacher. So what is said above, just some association, has nothing to do with the matter itself)