A cremation information, leading to eight “blind wells”

In early 2021, the reporter learned from the Hebei High Court that the court was hearing a series of mine murder fraud cases, involving a total of eight accidents in Hebei. These cases all originated from a clue five years ago.

In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security listed a series of mining accident fraudulent compensation cases in Inner Mongolia, also known as the “1-02” special case. In that case, 74 perpetrators were accused of intentionally killing 17 people. In addition, the police also found 35 new clues during the investigation process, which were later distributed to the public security organs in various provinces and cities to continue the investigation.

Among the clues, a cremation information had attracted the attention of the police. 24 May 2012, a man from Qiaojia County, Yunnan Province, was cremated in Shahe City, Hebei Province, after the funeral home, his ID card registered accommodation information still frequently appear in real life.

Police investigation found that the man whose cremation information was registered did not die; years ago, he provided his identity to a group of people who were cremated in his identity after killing a miner in a mine, and he was thus given a share of 170,000 yuan in compensation.

Investigating upward along this trail, the Hebei police identified eight related cases of mining fraudulent compensation. in January 2020, the Handan City Procuratorate filed an indictment in this series of cases, and because there were appeals from the defendants, the cases went through the first trial, the second trial, and the retrial of the first trial before entering the retrial of the second trial, and as of May 2021, there was still no final verdict.

As the case proceeded, eight “blind well” cases that occurred between 2008 and 2013 surfaced. During those six years, more than 31 suspects were suspected of involvement, and a total of eight miners were brutally murdered in the mines of Wu’an, Yongnian, Shahe and Zunhua in Hebei.

The somewhat silly “Shaxiong” is dead

Wu’an is located in the south of Hebei, is the junction of the three provinces of Jin, Hebei and Henan, is located in the eastern foothills of the Taihang Mountains, rich in coal and iron mineral resources. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, local mines of all sizes were established.

Yushiwa iron ore mine is located in Wu’an City Mine Town, North Point Hill Village South, had worked in the mine of the elderly can still remember, the heyday, hundreds of people working here, not a few foreigners.

The reporter combed through the judgment materials found that the Hebei High Court heard the case of fraudulent compensation first occurred in 2008.

In October 2008, Zhang Weilan, a miner working in the Yushiwa iron ore mine, was planning to kill a Yunnan miner with Yang Shengfu, Yang Jiabiao and other workers in order to obtain compensation from the mine.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. They gave the Yunnan boy a new identity – “Sha Xiong”.

The identity provider is a recently divorced woman, Sha Xiong is her ex-husband, she provided Sha Xiong’s account book to Zhang Weilan and others, hoping to get a share after the matter is completed.

After Zhang Weilan’s introduction, the Yunnan man entered the Yushiwa iron ore mine as “Sha Xiong,” registered his identity information, and worked with Zhang Weilan and Yang Jiabiao in the same The group worked.

The case materials show that their hands were scheduled for the afternoon of October 17, 2008. On that day, when the three were working together in the mine, Zhang and Yang took advantage of “Sha Xiong” and used a hoe to pry the ore at the top of the mine tunnel, causing the ore to collapse and crush Sha Xiong” head. Sha Xiong” was rescued and sent to the hospital, there were no vital signs, the hospital issued a certificate showing The hospital issued a certificate stating that “the rescue was ineffective in death”.

Case file materials show that three days before the incident, they have been in the “Sha Xiong” often work location, digging the top of the mine hole loose. When the ore collapsed, only buried the “Sha Xiong” head, later, they dug together again ore will Shaxiong” body buried. An hour later, they ran to tell the squad leader.

After learning the news of “Sha Xiong’s” death, the person in charge of the Yushiwa iron ore mine at the time arranged for his colleagues to send the body to the Shahe City funeral home and notified the family through the miners to discuss compensation. They informed the family through the miners to discuss compensation. They told the mine the phone number of Yang Shengfu, falsely claiming it was the cell phone number of the deceased’s family.

According to the verdict, Yang Shengfu had been waiting for three days in a hotel near the iron ore mine when he received the call from the mine. Together with the aftermath of the “Sha Xiong” identity of the provider, she to the account book and marriage certificate disguise, posing as the wife of the deceased to negotiate. According to the confessions of those involved, a total of six people posing as “relatives and friends” of the deceased, came to Wu’an within three days of the incident to rendezvous with the mine to talk about compensation.

“Friends and relatives” arrived in Wu’an when “Sha Xiong The remains of “Sha Xiong” had already been placed in a thermostatic coffin with a blackened face. The “wife” stopped eating after arriving in Wu’an, and she cried when she saw the mine’s people. Several other people were responsible for persuasion, while others were responsible for talking to the mine about compensation.

On October 21, 2008, a group of people who got the compensation money signed to cremate the remains, and then buried “Sha Xiong’s” urn in Handan. On October 21, 2008, a group of people who had received the compensation money signed the agreement to cremate the remains and later buried “Sha Xiong’s” urn in a suburb of Handan.

It was not until the case was backtracked by the police in 2016 that the real Sha Xiong in real life learned from the police mouth that his ex-wife had taken his identity to harm people, after he had been so concerned about “his “has been “cremated” without knowledge of the matter.

Due to limited clues, the man who really died in Yunnan, the police have been unable to verify his true identity.

Cremated twice “Yang Jiazhong”

In 2008, Yang Shengfu share to “Sha Xiong” death compensation did not leave Wu’an, but wait for the opportunity to continue to partner with others to commit crimes.

The case material shows that in early November 2008, Yang Shengfu received another call from Zhang Weilan, who asked him to find another worker to send to the Yushiwa iron ore mine.

After a few changes, Yang Shengfu’s Sichuan hometown Chen Shaojin found a man in his 50s. The old mine employee remembered that the man was of average build, had a Sichuan accent, had some intellectual problems, and “looked a bit stupid”.

When reporting to the mine, the Sichuan man used the identity of “Yang Jiazhong” for registration. The police later found that the identity information was provided by Yang Jiazhong’s son, who was also one of the participants in the fraudulent claim, and that he had given his father’s identity information to Yang Shengfu before the crime. Mine employees remember that on November 20, 2008, “Yang Jiazhong” and two other miners went down to work and then had an accident.

According to the medical certificate, at 17:35 that day, “Yang Jiazhong” was taken to the Yushiwa Iron Mine Staff Hospital, where he suffered head trauma and suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest, and died after an ineffective resuscitation. He died. As for what he actually experienced in the underground, there is no record in the case materials.

Three days later, five or six “friends and relatives” came to deal with the aftermath, including the provider of the identity information. He took out his own ID card to prove that he and the dead “Yang Jiazhong” are father and son, and signed the cremation notice to agree.

On the fourth day of the incident, the mine came up with 180,000 yuan for compensation, and the “family” signed and fingerprinted their agreement. After the cremation of the deceased’s body in Shahe City Funeral Hall, the ashes were buried in the wasteland of Wu’an.

Years later, the police verified that the man who was killed as “Yang Jiazhong” was another man from Ningnan County, Sichuan Province, according to a comparison of the information in the missing persons. The man, Chen Xuanming, was only 49 years old when he was killed.

In 2009, the name of “Yang Jiazhong”, who had already been cremated, appeared again in the list of the deceased at the Dongxiahe No. 2 Mine (later renamed Hongxing Coal Mine) in Shahe City, Hebei.

The victim in this case was also found through Chen Shaojin, and was introduced to the Dongxiahe Mine by a miner nicknamed “Bastard”. In this case, Yang Shengfu was still responsible for providing identifying information to the “prey”, who would He provided the identity of Yang Jiazhong, who had “already died once”, to the mine again.

On November 4, 2009, at around 6:00 p.m., “Yang Jiazhong” went down the shaft with four conspiring miners, who divided the work among themselves and hit him on the head with hammers and stones, causing “Yang Jiazhong” to be killed. The four men split up and hit him on the head with hammers and stones, causing “Yang Jiazhong” to die on the spot.

One of the participants in the later investigation mentioned that the case was planned from August 2009, when he received a call from a worker who said he wanted to “kill a pig” underground. The case began in August 2009, when he received a call from a worker who said he wanted to “kill a pig” in the well, and started looking for someone.

The same as the previous “negotiation set”, after the mine compensation of more than 200,000 yuan, the The body of “Yang Jiazhong” was cremated in Wu’an City Funeral Home and the ashes were thrown away. As the cremation information was not yet networked, the cremation of Yang Jiazhong twice was not discovered.

Chen Shaojin later mentioned in his confession, the deceased was about 40 years old, surnamed Li. No one knows his place of origin, and the police have so far not been able to find out his true identity.

A year later, in October 2010, another similar case occurred at the Dongxiahe Second Mine in Shahe City. A worker who was nearly 60 years old died after his mouth and nose were covered and his back was stoned in the mine, and the perpetrator cheated the mine out of $260,000 in death benefits. The police later found out that the deceased in this case was also introduced by Chen Shaojin, who came from Yunnan to Hebei to work, and the main participants basically overlapped with the gang in the 2009 case.

In order to fraudulently obtain compensation, the real household registration was cancelled

The four cases in Wu’an and Shahe, Hebei, were not suspected by the mine and were not reported to the police, but in a similar incident in Tangshan, Hebei, the mine reported to the police.

In the early morning of June 6, 2011, a miner named “Liu Zhengke” was injured in the No. 6 shaft of the Zunhua Jianming Jinchang Mining Plant in Tangshan City, and died after an ineffective rescue attempt.

The case material shows that the real name of “Liu Zhengke” is Wang Jintang, Yunnan Qiaojia, aged 30. He was 30 years old and “mentally abnormal”. Wang Jintang’s death is also related to Yang Shengfu and Chen Shaojin, who were involved in several fraudulent compensation cases.

The materials in the case show that Wang Jintang had followed Chen Shaojin to Xichang, Sichuan to work. After being selected for the murder, Yang Shengfu asked someone to find Liu Zhengke’s relatives and prepared to place Liu Zhengke’s household registration information on Wang Jintang so that he could talk about compensation afterwards.

The family members of Liu Zhengke also brought their account books and went to the local police station to get a “Liu Zhengke” ID card for Wang Jintang to solve the problem of ID cards. The “Liu Zhengke” ID card.

On April 12, 2011, after having the ID card of “Liu Zhengke”, Wang Jintang was taken by Chen Shaojin, Yang Shengfu and others to work as a miner in a mine in Wu’an, Hebei. However, during the period of work in Wu’an, Yang Shengfu and others did not find a suitable place to do the crime, so they changed stations to Zunhua, Hebei.

The case file material shows that after the arrangement of the co-conspirators, “Liu Zhengke”, Yang Shengfu and others entered the Zunhua City, Tangshan Jianming Jinchang mining plant to work. 6 June 2011 At about 1:00 a.m., in Shaft No. 6, Yang Shengfu was in charge of the lookout, while the other two miners were responsible for hitting “Liu Zhengke” with hammers and prying the top ore with steel pipes, causing the ore to collapse on “Liu Zhengke”. The ore collapsed on “Liu Zhengke”.

After the incident, the relatives who provided Liu Zhengke’s identity negotiated with the mine for six days as family members. Since the mine had purchased insurance for the workers, the mine did a police report on the accident in order to cooperate with the insurance company’s process. After forensic identification, the cause of death of “Liu Zhengke” was ” by blunt external force caused by cranio-cerebral injury”. Because Liu Zhengke relatives do not have any objections to the cause of death, the police did not continue the investigation, the family agreed to cremation.

In order to get the compensation from the mine, the mine asked them to cooperate and provide the insurance company with the necessary materials for the claim. After Wang Jintang was killed as Liu Zhengke, Liu Zhengke’s relatives had to go to the police station to cancel Liu Zhengke’s real household registration. Eventually, the participants received a total of 500,000 yuan in compensation.

On June 13, 2011, Wang Jintang’s body was cremated as “Liu Zhengke” at the Chengde Manchu Autonomous County Funeral Management Office. After many years, the people involved in the case can no longer remember how to handle the ashes.

The brother of the deceased Wang Jintang remembered that he last saw his brother after the Spring Festival in 2010, and in April 2010 Wang Jintang lost contact with the family. It was only when the police went to the family to investigate in 2016 that the family knew that Wang Jintang had been killed.

In the name of love, looking for a “scapegoat”

In 2011, rumors began to circulate in the circle of miners in Wu’an and Shahe, Hebei, saying that “Yang Shengfu was working in which mine and which mine was about to die.

The facts prove that the miners’ speculation is not empty, the data on file shows that on December 17, 2011, Shahe City, Liu Shigang coal mine had a case of murder fraud compensation. A miner was tricked into going to Shahe on the pretext of “introducing an object” and was subsequently killed underground, and the participants cheated a total of 580,000 yuan in compensation. Yang Shengfu was one of the participants in this case.

Since then, Yang Shengfu involved in a number of fraudulent compensation cases and did not stop, the case file materials show that in early 2012 he continued to look for people interested in providing “identity” to partner in fraudulent compensation. Later, he contacted the family of Liu Zhengyou in Qiaojia, Yunnan Province, who agreed to take out his identity and cooperate with Yang Shengfu to find a “scapegoat”, a plan This plan was also supported by Liu Zhengyou’s wife, father and many other family members.

In February 2012, they tricked Li Renqiang from the same village to Yongnian, Hebei, on the pretext of “introducing someone”, Liu Zhengyou’s wife pretended to fall in love with Li Renqiang and arranged for him to work in a mine in Wu’an, Hebei. Liu Zhengyou’s wife pretended to fall in love with Li Renqiang and arranged for him to work in a mine in Wu’an, Hebei. During this period, Liu Zhengyou’s wife asked Li Renqiang to claim that he was “Liu Zhengyou” and they showed themselves as husband and wife.

After the murder plan in Wu’an was not implemented as planned, Yang Shengfu and others changed the location of the crime and found someone to bring Li Renqiang to the Shangzhuang graphite mine in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, where he was registered as “Liu Zhengyou”. The name “Liu Zhengyu” was registered to work in the mine.

On May 18, 2012, at around 11:00 p.m., the conspiratorial miners Yang Shengfu found went down the fourth tunnel of the graphite mine with “Liu Zhengyou” to start work. One of the miners who participated in the killing mentioned to his cellmate years later that they took advantage of “Liu Zhengyou” and hit him on the head with a hammer to confirm his death, then twisted the After confirming his death, they twisted the detonator switch and fired the cannon at the top of the mine. After the falling rocks buried the body, they went up the shaft to call out to people.

According to the materials on file, the workers who heard the shouting and went down the shaft for the first time found that there was blood on the face of “Liu Zhengyou” and blood on the tip of the pickaxe on the ground to the right of the face. Strangely enough, there was no blood on the stone next to the dead man’s face. They had suspected that “Liu Zhengyou” was not stoned to death, but did not speak out for fear of retaliation.

On May 24, 2012, Yang Shengfu, posing as “Liu Zhengyou’s” uncle, received a total of 633,000 yuan in compensation from the mine, and signed the cremation notice, agreeing to cremate the body. The body. In this way, Li Renqiang disappeared from the earth in the identity of “Liu Zhengyou”, while the real Liu Zhengyou and his relatives got a share of 170,000 yuan in compensation.

Two years later, the cremation information of “Liu Zhengyou’s” body was reported to the Ministry of Civil Affairs cremation information database on August 17, 2014. No one would have thought that this little cremation information would later become a clue for the police in Hebei to uncover several fraudulent compensation cases.

In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security was assigned to supervise the “1-02” Inner Mongolia series of murder fraud compensation case, the police found during the investigation The police found that the body information of “Liu Zhengyou” was different. They found that the death and cremation of “Liu Zhengyou”, its ID card accommodation information still appears frequently, so began to investigate. After that, from 2008 to 2013 six years, occurred in Hebei mine under a number of murder fraud compensation case gradually surfaced.

The reporter learned that in 2020, the Handan City Procuratorate filed an indictment on this series of fraudulent compensation cases, this time for a total of eight related cases involving more than 31 suspects, with a total of eight people killed under the mines. As of May 2021, the cases are still under trial.

The materials obtained by the reporter show that some of the 31 people involved in the case have already passed away, and until now, the identities of some of the eight innocent miners who were killed down the shaft are still unidentified.