Chengdu 49 middle school onlookers taking pictures citizen Xie Junbiao was arrested and slapped

On the night of May 11, family and friends of the deceased and a large number of people gathered outside 49th Middle School to demand the truth. Police arrested people (left photo) and racked away the family members of the deceased (right photo). (Video screenshot)

The death of a student in Chengdu 49th Middle School in Sichuan Province continues to ferment. Parents and people continue to speak out for the truth, but the police have activated the stability maintenance mode, arresting and beating people. Xie Junbiao, a citizen of Chengdu who defends his rights, was arrested after only spectating and taking pictures.

Chengdu Shuangliu citizen Xie Junbiao told reporters that at around 10:30 a.m. on May 11, he went to the entrance of 49 Middle School and saw a total of about ten police cars parked nearby, one of which was a bus, the kind of bus used to arrest people for loading.

“There were 30 to 40 onlookers, and one after another, some went and some came.” He said, “(These people) are mainly middle-aged women, heard them say, ‘We are also parents, we are not comfortable with this thing in our hearts, not convinced ah. We just want to know what’s going on with this? We just want to know the truth about this.’ So they are there to watch, but then they are afraid to take pictures.”

“They said that if they spoke a little louder, the police would come and interfere with them; not to mention taking pictures, taking pictures would be arrested.” He said.

Xie Junbiao said there are about five or six plainclothes at the school gate, which should be state security, watching to keep people from taking pictures. The parents also told him that several people had been arrested before for taking pictures.

He said, “Then I stood across the street from the school entrance to take pictures, and a state security officer came straight across the street and pointed at me and shouted, ‘Xie Junbiao! You can’t take pictures!’ Then he recruited two or three policemen and carried me to the police car.”

“Two auxiliary police officers controlled me, skimming my hands to the back, escorting prisoners of that action, a police officer slapped me twice, and later pulled me to his that police station. In the corner he hit me again, slapped a few.”

Xie Junbiao was held in Chenghua District Jumping Stomp River police station for more than two hours, until the leaders of Shuangliu District Yixin police station came to take over. Xie Junbiao said he would not leave, to complain about the police beating, to find the director, but was forced to carry the car pulled back to Shuangliu, and later released.

He said he came home and found it particularly difficult to climb over the wall, “every time this is the case, a major thing, come back I can not climb the wall. Leave a message are very difficult, the wall software will be broken in a while, can not send.”

Xie Junbiao also posted a few days ago that the police station leaders warned him to pay attention online on the line, do not go to the scene around. “Every time you go to the scene will be arrested away, online concern forwarding and often be tea, and even many times provoked. Concern and forwarding is the duty of a qualified and conscientious citizen.” He said.

A current journalism student also posted online about a similar encounter. He and his classmates came to 49 Central early in the morning to take photos, and the police threatened them all to hand over their phones, delete all the photos and backups, and to “take them back to the bureau” in one breath.

Student journalists encountered police beating people and journalists. (Internet photo)

The student said he brought his camera with him in the afternoon and recorded the people bowing and laying flowers to the deceased, and the people standing together and shouting: “Truth! The truth!” At 8:30 p.m., many police officers suddenly came out of the school, pulling journalists’ hair and clothes, beating people and arresting them, and the scene was chaotic.

He said he ran to the other side of the road with his camera in his arms, “not knowing exactly which people were detained in the school, it was chaotic and scary.” A female reporter had a small piece of flesh grabbed off her hand by the police and kept bleeding as the boy protecting her was taken into the school.

Parents of the people want the truth police arrest and beat people

At around 18:40 on May 9, 17-year-old sophomore boy Lin Weiqi fell from a height in Zhixing Building. Parents received a call from the school at 8:00 pm to inform them to go to the police station, while the child’s body has been sent to the funeral home, the family did not see the child’s last glance.

On the morning of the 10th, the family went to see the monitor, sent a microblogging (@life is like a bubble) said “only the section of the incident no one monitoring ……” May 11, the people have come to Chengdu 49 in the door to the truth, flowers to mourn, once clashed with the police.

Xie Junbiao said that this thing online are all over the place, but this family of the deceased people are not contactable.

“This morning Chenghua District (Joint Investigation Team) out a notice, parents of this notice is still a lot of questions, not convinced. As we the masses, we are still very doubtful, not how to believe that the official notice.” He said.

In the early hours of May 11, Chenghua District Joint Investigation Group informed that the school was not found to exist corporal punishment, verbal abuse of students and other teacher misconduct, the student was not found to be subjected to campus bullying in school. The basic determination of the high fall is a personal behavior, excluding criminal cases.

The mother of the deceased registered with the microblogging account “forty-nine middle school students Lin’s mother” to voice her disagreement with the statement issued by Chenghua District, demanding to see all the videos and find out the truth.

A posting by a student who identified himself as Lin said that the class was warned that “whoever says it will be disciplined” and that no school can accept him if he is expelled and cannot take the college entrance exam. They were also threatened that if they posted to social media they could find out.

A netizen who claimed his family worked in the Chengdu education system said, “I can only say that it seems like the child has messed with what people …… net police will climb the line to check ……”” Pressure heat and please drink tea is now more and more skilled …… parties (the mother of the deceased) microblogging has been the police and Sina control can not log in.”

Netizens anonymously talk about the reasons behind the incident. (Web screenshot)

On May 11 at 9:40 pm, the Chenghua District Branch of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau informed again of the investigation of the “49 high school student who fell to his death”: it was found that the death was a high fall, excluding criminal cases, and the family had no objection to the conclusion of the investigation.

The mother of the deceased, Ms. Lu, released a microblog at 8:28 a.m. on this day, and then stopped releasing news. The reporter tried to call her phone several times but no one answered.

From the timeline, in the evening of the same day, friends and relatives of the deceased and a large number of people gathered outside the 49th High School to protest, holding chrysanthemums and shouting “Truth! The police rushed into the crowd and arrested many people on the spot. The live video shows that the police forcefully racked away the parents of the deceased, was strongly protested by the public, “this way, so inhumane, too much!”

In response, netizens said, “Want the truth, right? Grab!” “The cry at the entrance of Chengdu 49 middle school, is the common voice of all Chinese people! The truth, the truth, how much suffering has cycled back and forth over the past 100 years, how much truth has been covered up!”