Israeli warplanes do this before bombing Hamas towers…

The IDF’s official Twitter account on the 13th said the bombing of Hamas targets began by warning civilians in the building and giving them time to evacuate. One user posted a video from which you can see that the missile was incredibly powerful, but clearly targeted .

The IDF Twitter account said, “A few minutes ago, IDF fighter jets attacked a 14-story building in southern Gaza that houses the Hamas military intelligence directorate and the infrastructure used to communicate tactical military intelligence. We warned the civilians in the building and gave them enough time to evacuate” .

One Twitter user, replying to the official IDF account, said, “I think it’s here,” and posted a video that shows a high-rise building that instantly collapsed under just a few missile strikes .

Netizens have replied, “Well done, Israel,” “Well done, Israel,” and “So accurate, so amazing.”