Suddenly! There are many Bill Gates on the dating app!

Bill Gates’ divorce news is no stranger to anyone.

The Bill Gates couple ended their exemplary relationship of 27 years with the phrase “I can’t believe that they can continue to grow together”.

It is said that every time a world-class divorce, all parties will discuss for a long time.

At present, according to the information available to the United States, the information is still quite large.

There are explosive details of the divorce of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates.

According to the foreign media broke the news that they are not an amicable breakup, lawyers have been busy for months, the family almost all stand Melinda.

There are worried about how to divide their huge property:.

U.S. Bloomberg News said Gates’ wealth reached $145 billion, according to the latest data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

There is also speculation about Bill Gates and the Chinese woman translator. has suddenly speculated about a Chinese woman who worked as a translator for the Gates family’s foundation, implying that Gates’ divorce is related to the Chinese woman.

The latest development, as it stands now, is that the US media has revealed the real reason for the divorce of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates.

emmm… It is this man in the picture – Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the revelation, Bill Gates’ close relationship with convicted tycoon sexually assaulted Epstein, angering his wife Melinda Gates.

Now, these real and fake news are festering on the extranet.

Of course, what the maverick American is talking about today is not that, but a story about a dating app and Bill Gates.

Tinder is a dating app that matches users with other people based on geographic location.

Simply put, in this APP, if you like a person, you slide to the right, and if you don’t, you slide to the left. If two users like each other, that’s a “match” and they can then chat through the app.

Recently, if you’ve been playing with the app, you may have seen someone unexpected.

That’s right, it’s “Bill Gates”.

According to foreign media, Bill Gates’ fake account has appeared on Tinder since his divorce.

Take a look at the job profile of this person – “Billionaire”

However, if you brush up, you’ll see that there’s more than one “Bill Gates” on Tinder.

Another fake Bill Gates has a bio that reads, “I’m still rich. I didn’t read your profile because I know everyone says, ‘I like dogs, pizza, no.’ …… It’s also too boring …… I want someone with more personality.’

In addition to this, a handsome photo of Bill Gates as a young man has been unearthed, a photo that can be found everywhere in Tinder at

At present, many Bill Gates fake accounts appear in Tinder stems have been played by foreign netizens.

Google, how do I increase the Tinder match area to include Bill Gates’ mansion?

Bill Gates played with Tinder shortly after his divorce, and his personal profile is Dating Bill Gates.

Changing my Tinder status location will match Bill Gates.

Even actress Bette Midler joked, “Friends, we may see the six words of our lifetimes: ‘Bill Gates is messaging me on Tinder.'”

Things got bigger and bigger, and eventually, the number of accounts masquerading as Bill Gates was so high that Tinder itself noticed the problem ……

In response, they had to strengthen the App’s authentication system.

In order to verify a Tinder profile, users must have their faces scanned with facial recognition software to ensure that the user matches his or her uploaded profile photo.

In addition, even with facial recognition, other Tinder users can still flag a “fake account” to Tinder employees if they have doubts, so they can take a closer look and verify it further.

Tinder employees say they don’t yet know how many fake Bill Gates there are on Tinder since the divorce.

But they are careful to tell users: Now, if you really want to get together with Bill Gates …… the best way is to send a message to Bill Gates directly on social media instead of swiping on Tinder.